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Introducing the 21 Day Fix Extreme!

To those looking for a new challenge in 2015... I'd like to introduce you to the latest addition to the Beachbody family of workout programs. The 21 Day Fix Extreme is out today!

This is a workout and nutrition program created by Autumn Calabrese, who is a figure competitor (which makes complete sense when you look at her picture). The program includes the exact plan she uses when preparing for a competition!

This program has many features in common with the regular 21 Day Fix, but is (as the name would indicate) more extreme. It uses a nutrition plan that focuses on portion control, as well as choosing and combining healthy foods, but in this case, the treats (such as healthy chocolate cookies and wine 3x/week) are cut out. The workouts are a mix of strength and cardio, in a variety of modalities, and they take just 30 minutes a day. If you struggle finding time for exercise, there's no way to make it much easier than this!

With the 21 Day Fix Extreme challenge pack, you receive:

  • 8 workouts on 3 DVDs

  • color-coded containers for portioning

  • nutrition guide that explains the plan and includes recipes

  • 30-day of Shakeology

  • Shakeology shaker cup

  • Membership in our 4-week online support group, where we'll go over all the details of how the plan works, share recipes, and encourage one another

  • A free T-shirt just for participating

  • The chance to win $500 cash just for participating

I'll be running a group with this program later this month! The deadline to sign up is February 16. And if it seems to extreme for you, it's just fine to use the original 21 Day Fix. If you're ready to sign up, get your 21 Day Fix Extreme challenge pack here or your 21 Day Fix challenge pack here. Got questions? Shoot me an email or fill out the contact form on the program page.

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