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What to Expect in a Package of EFT Sessions

What's involved when you work with me for a package of EFT sessions?

Here's a peek into what you can expect!

It all starts with a free consultation. This will be quick, and it's a chance for us both to assess the "fit" and decide whether it would feel good to work together. During this conversation, I'll go over what you can expect from your EFT sessions, and we can begin to set goals for our work together.

If we both agree it's a match, then you can book your first session. I’ll send you a PayPal invoice; your sessions are confirmed once you've paid.

I know the holidays have you stressed about food and body image, the timing of this offer is perfect - I'll be able to support you as we meet together once a week for the next five weeks. You don’t have to do wait until January and then handle the stress that’s built up! We can do this now.

Your first full-length session will be what's known as a discovery session - where we go a little deeper into the history of the issue you want to work on. For example, if we're working on navigating family dynamics at holiday gatherings, I'll probably ask you to tell me about patterns in your family growing up, when you first started to notice the issue you're working with me on, and how it affects your life today. This session will be the a full-length session (that is, 60 to 90 minutes, with an average length of 75 minutes—sometimes a little longer if we're working through something complex and need to keep to reach a good stopping point, sometimes a little shorter if it's been an intense session and fatigue is starting to set in).

Each of the remaining four sessions will primarily consist of tapping. There's still a fair amount of talking that takes place—we'll have a check-in with goal setting at the beginning, and then even amid the rounds of tapping, you'll be telling me stories about the incidents we're working on and I'll be asking questions to go deeper. Once we arrive at what we want to tap on, I'll guide you with specific language to help move through distressing emotions and reset your nervous system to feel calm amid situations that previously caused distress. There are a variety of techniques I might pull in based on what direction the session goes and what I observe about your unique ways of processing and communicating.

I'll give you some quick homework to practice your new skills between sessions - whether that's tapping on your own, journaling, or testing your progress by deliberately approaching a situation that's been difficult for you in the past.

Interested in working together? As of the date of this post, I still have space available in my discounted offering for my first 10 clients (view a sample invoice). Book a free consultation to get started.


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