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Workout Review: 10 Rounds

10 Rounds has been the absolute perfect program for working out at home during a pandemic. The feelings of anxiety, fear, and powerlessness melt away during my daily workout with a mix of heavy lifting and throwing punches. It's such a welcome break from disturbing headlines and worrying about people I care about.

The program was filmed during a road tour to six different cities, so the backdrop changes each week. There are some locations with historic significance, like Gleason's Boxing Gym in New York, and others that are just gorgeous, like a rooftop 55 stories up in Las Vegas with the city lights glowing in the background. They wrapped up filming on March 1 and it really seems like perfect timing to have a program that allows us to travel to six gorgeous locations around the United States and have a change of scenery right now when we're not able to leave the house.

Along with the program, you receive form tutorials that will help you know you're engaging your leg and core muscles correctly to put your weight behind the punches and get a full-body workout. You also have access to me (and my personal training background knowledge) as your coach, and if you have any form questions I'm always happy to take a look at a video and provide pointers.

This program is mostly low-impact but does show modifications for any moves that aren't. It's got a great soundtrack that you can really get into, and is just an all-around solid fitness program. The fact that the cast doesn't mirror you (unless you're left-handed) is confusing, but as of mid-April the company is going to add "mirrored" versions of the workouts so you can more easily follow what you see onscreen. The workout does not "switch sides," but Joel provides instruction to make sure you're putting adequate weight on your back leg and really engaging your whole body so you're not building strength in a lopsided way.

Program length: 6 weeks

Workout length: 30 to 40 minutes a day, 5 days per week

What equipment is needed? Weights, resistance loops (which come with the program package)

How is it structured? The program has three boxing days and two lifting days each week, and then on the other two days you can do some stretching or foam rolling or yoga with any of the other videos in the library (1,000+ videos in all styles). The lifting sessions are fairly traditional heavy lifting sessions that take you through three sets of each move. Each boxing session has 10 rounds (as the program name would indicate): warmup, two boxing rounds, a cardio interval, two boxing rounds, a cardio interval, two more boxing rounds (with the combos switching up each time and building in complexity), and then a final round of core work.

What kinds of moves are involved? Boxing combos; core work (crunch and plank variations); traditional lifting/strength moves for quads, hamstrings, glutes, biceps, triceps, lats, pecs, deltoids, rhomboids

Low-impact? The program is mostly low-impact, and modifications are shown for moves that are not. If there are specific moves that cause pain or aren't accessible for you, I'm here as your coach to help you figure out an alternative that works for your body.

Appropriate for beginners? Yup! The boxing combos will take some time to learn and your form will take some time to perfect, but make sure you watch the intro video before starting. You can always come back to it to review! This program isn't super intense, so that makes it a good option for beginners. The weightlifting sessions can easily be dialed up or down in intensity based on the weights you choose.

Interested in learning more? Watch my video review or check out the details to enroll. You can also email me at the address in the footer to discuss! Before you go, check out these transformations from the pilot test group!

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