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What Is EFT?

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques. In general when you work with me in a session, we will be using one specific technique, known as EFT tapping, which uses a specific kind of setup statement while I guide you through tapping on a sequence of nine acupressure points on your upper body. EFT tapping is a body-based practice that can be used to support behavior change by helping us process emotions and memories that may be causing us to avoid making changes even when we desire to change. My sessions are conducted over Zoom; they are most effective on a 1:1 basis so that I, as a practitioner, can guide you in using your own words for the setup statements.

I've just completed my certification and am now a certified, accredited EFT practitioner! To launch my practice, I'm offering an intro package for the first 10 clients at a price of $300 for a five-session package. This rate represents a 40% discount from the regular rates that will take effect once these initial 10 spots are filled. In other words, the price for a five-session package will become $500, so if you are looking to grab a spot at this celebratory intro price, don't delay! Book a free consultation to discuss what you'd like to work on together; if it's a fit, I'll send you an invoice. Once that's paid, you'll be able to schedule your five sessions at the frequency you desire, whether that's once a week or once a month. I also recently added a post with a little more detail about what to expect during your package of five sessions.

So, what can we work on together and what can EFT help with? Practitioners actually use it with an incredibly wide variety of issues and topics, but here are a few areas where I specialize:

Body image and food freedom. Perhaps you want to accept your body and love it in its current state, but you can't seem to step away from the comparison game. If you always hate the way you look in pictures or you've been in tears in a dressing room lately, let's use EFT to address those distressing emotions surrounding your body or appearance. Or perhaps you've been successfully practicing intuitive eating but you find that old habits based in diet culture and restriction tend to crop up in certain situations, such as when you're under stress or around family. Let's use EFT to help you shift your emotions about those situations and calm your nervous system to perceive a sense of safety in circumstances that were previously distressing.

Creative inspiration and breaking through blocks. Sometimes the goals we want the most elude us and we don't understand why. If you find yourself procrastinating or experiencing resistance to working on something that's important to you and which you deeply desire, EFT can help you understand what might be standing in the way of your progress. We'll look for limiting beliefs (such as fear of being seen or doubt in your own abilities) and work on chipping away at those so you can leave them behind and move forward.

Habit change and developing healthy habits (focusing on fitness, nutrition, or another area). Drawing on certifications in various movement modalities (including yoga instruction and personal training) as well as the Tiny Habits method of behavior change, I'll help you chart a course toward your designated goal and then use EFT to help you get there and surmount any obstacles you encounter along the path. I have ten years' experience in wellness coaching, so am well equipped to help you establish new habits when it comes to exercise, nutrition, stress mitigation, and more. I am a practitioner of intuitive eating and the Health At Every Size paradigm; in your intake consultation, we will ensure that the goals we set for our work together are not grounded in diet culture (or if you wish to pursue a goal that I don't feel is in alignment with my approach, I can provide referrals to other practitioners).


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