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Ready for a change?


Are you tired of feeling sluggish from consuming sugar and processed foods? Do something different this month... Join us for the 21 Day Fix! The sign-up deadline for my next group with this program is Aug. 21 for those accessing the digital files, Aug. 15 for those who want to wait to get the hard copy kit in the mail. Our prep week for meal planning and shopping starts on Aug. 22, and the official 21 days of the program start on Aug. 29. We'll get you feeling stronger, more confident, and more energetic in time for fall!


The food plan focuses on eliminating added sugar and processed foods. You'll get simple, tasty recipes that get you eating real, whole foods (and lots of fresh veggies)...and loving it! In my experience and that of my clients, our bodies  absolutely hum with energy when they're fed this way. It can be hard to say no to sugary or processed snack foods. That's why I'll give you plenty of healthy, nutrient-rich snack options to make it easy to stay on track with the plan!


You can do any workout you like with this program, as long as you get your body moving somehow. But I recommend the 21 Day Fix official workouts. They're only 30 minutes each so you get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of the time you put in! They are intense, but there's a modifier in the videos who demonstrates lower-intensity versions of the moves for folks who are still working to get in shape. Pretty much everyone who's tried the program agrees... These workouts are off the hook!


The 21 Day Fix Extreme is also an option for this program. The workouts are the same length, but use weights (and the Pilates session uses a resistance band), so the focus is more on strength than cardio... but I promise it will still get your heart pumping in a big way!


There is also a difference between the two plans in terms of nutrition. The Fix Extreme has a more limited list of approved foods compared to the original Fix, removing some of the less nutritious options for each food category.


When you enroll, you'll receive:


  • 8 workouts on DVD that are yours to keep forever, plus streaming access for 30 days

  • 21 day workout schedule

  • 21 Day Fix nutrition guide and recipes

  • Color-coded containers for food portioning

  • 1 month supply of Shakeology to be your healthiest meal of the day and help reduce cravings for junk food

  • membership in our online group with your coach (me) and fellow Fixers. We'll support and cheer each other on, answer questions and swap recipes!

  • 30-day free trial of Beachbody On Demand streaming workout service, including two dozen workout programs in their entirety

  • a free T-shirt upon completing the program

  • the chance to win prizes just by participating

  • entry into the Beachbody Challenge, which has a $500 prize winner DAILY!

  • super discounted shipping

  • 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason


So how do you sign up? Please use the form at left to schedule a free nutrition challenge consultation. We'll chat more to make sure the program is right for you. I don't just want to take your money... I want to make sure you have a good experience and get what you're hoping for out of the program!


Got questions but not quite ready for a phone chat? You'll find my email at the very bottom of the page in the footer.


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