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A bit about me...

Healthy living, for me, is NOT optional. I have a natural tendency toward anxiety and depression. It's been quite awhile now since I've been bogged down in that dark place, but I know how quickly I'll end up back there if I let go of the healthy changes I've made in my life. Daily exercise, solid nutrition, a mindfulness practice and self-care: these are my vitamins. 


That being said, healthy living can feel like a real drag sometimes. So much of what is portrayed as "fun" in our culture leaves us depleted: fried or sugary "splurge" foods, alcohol, vegging out on the couch to relax. My journey of health and happiness has been a story of finding healthy substitutes that feel fun to me and don't leave me feeling deprived.


If you're curious to know more, I offer a lot more detail in the blog posts on this site. I believe that sharing our experiences allows us all to learn from each other and grow! For the purpose of this bio, though, you may be interested to know that I'm a certified group exercise instructor, personal trainer, and yoga teacher. As a Beachbody coach, I am qualified to offer clients guidance in fitness and nutrition. My special expertise comes in the form of my concern for, and interest in, mindfulness and mental health. If you have the sense that you aren't feeling as good as you could be, let's work together to change that. Life is short and we deserve to savor each day.

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