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My Review of Shaun T's “Let's Get Up” Dance Workout Program

I've done multiple dance-based fitness programs before (including a few with Shaun T) and thoroughly enjoyed them, so I didn't think it was possible for a dance workout to be even more fun than the others—but somehow Let's Get Up has succeeded.

The theme of my virtual bootcamp with this program was "Find Your Joy," and that accurately captures what this program is all about: experiencing joy through movement. The foundation of the program is a set of two dozen dance workouts in all different styles—from pop and R&B to Latin, cabaret, show tunes, and hard rock. Every session is completely different from all the others, but there are enough moves repeated throughout the program that some moves will feel familiar in each session and not absolutely everything is brand new.

One distinguishing feature of this program is the "cameo," a small inset video screen at the lower right corner of the main screen. As you're seeing Shaun T and the program cast on the big screen, the inset "cameo" has a dancer showing you the move that's coming up eight counts ahead of time. I honestly felt like this feature helped me get a much better workout because I wasn't constantly stopping and starting due to forgetting what move was coming up.

The program was filmed outdoors in Hawaii, and it's all about sunshine and bright colors. There are even a few tourists you can spot walking along the ocean in the background from time to time! Seeing that setting, it's pretty much impossible not to feel happy. I also love that the program includes suggested "shareable moments"—short dances you can share on Instagram or TikTok for a social aspect to connect with friends who are also doing the program.

Program length: 4 weeks

Workout length: 30-35 minutes a day, six days per week

What equipment is needed? There are strength training sessions (two days per week) that use dumbbells. Other than that, you don't need any equipment at all!

How is it structured? The calendar has four dance days, two strength training days, and one rest day per week. There are also four 10-minute add-on strength sessions, so you could try one of these each week of the program for an extra challenge. Each of the dance sessions goes through two blocks of dance moves, teaching the moves slowly and repeating before adding on. Then, once you've learned all the moves, you go through a three-minute Insanity portion consisting of high-intensity cardio to send your heart rate into the stratosphere. (Don't worry, there is a modifier for the Insanity portion.) Just three minutes of Insanity is enough to elevate your heart rate for the rest of the session. In the second half of the session, you repeat the dance routine you learned in the first half, combining the two blocks together for the dance and repeating it several times.

What kinds of moves are involved? The dance sessions include all kinds of moves but they are all relatively simple and you don't do a move for more than eight counts. Each routine is set up as a modular series of eight-count blocks, rather than choreography that works together as a whole. This makes it a little less challenging for the brain, and experienced dancers might find it a bit elementary, but it keeps you moving at such a rapid pace that you won't have time to get bored! The resistance sessions are essentially weighted cardio, with an emphasis on moving fast rather than lifting heavy. There is no floor work for abs at all in this program; all of the core work is incorporated into the dance moves.

Low-impact? The program is mostly low-impact in general, except for the Insanity portion. There is a modifier clearly visible in every session, showing modifications for the Insanity moves but also for any of the dance moves that might need modification (e.g., showing squat moves with less range of motion).

Appropriate for beginners? Definitely! This will be one of my top recommendations for beginners moving forward.

Interested in learning more? Watch my video review or check out the details to enroll. You can also email me at the address in the footer to discuss! Before you go, check out these transformations from the pilot test group!


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