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Kelly's 80 Day Obsession Results

Stop what you're doing and please help me congratulate Kelly on the results of her hard work with 80 Day Obsession, because what she achieved is seriously amazing!!

She lost 10 pounds and 15 inches, and reduced her body fat by 7 percentage points!! Numbers aside, I think the pictures speak for themselves... look at this lean, muscular arms and toned midsection!!

Kelly is a mother of three (ages 4, 6, and 8) and has had three C-sections! She says, "This is the best I've felt about my abs since they were born."

She also noted that the effects of 80 Day Obsession go beyond the physical: Kelly said she experienced increased focus, more energy, better mood, and higher motivation in her work and personal life!!

She travels frequently for work, which is why it's even more impressive that she completed the entire program amid not just the hectic regular routine of life, but also vacation, house guests, sick kids, and other hiccups that might have thrown other people off! Kelly, I hope you're super proud of your persistence and dedication!

80 Day Obsession requires a lot of discipline, which somehow seems both easier and harder than more flexible programs. Whereas with a program that's only 4 days a week, there's wiggle room to skip a day and then you might find yourself in a mental battle since you're used to deciding "I'll do it tomorrow"... with 80 Day Obsession, there is no getting behind and catching up. It's six days a week, for an hour a day most days, and on the seventh day you will NEED that stretching or foam rolling so it's best to set aside time for that too.

Kelly says she appreciated this about the program: "I liked the routine I set - early to bed, early to rise, 5 a.m. shake, 5:30 a.m. workout, and then showered and ready for the day and kids and work and school and activities and whatever else life might throw at me by 7 a.m.!"

The resistance loops can get some hate from people who wonder if they can really get a decent workout from them. Kelly notes that she, too, was "resistant" to the resistance loops at first, but ended up loving them and respecting the challenge they provided. The program also uses strength sliders for some really unique ab moves, and Kelly says she loved these from the start.

According to Kelly, this program is great for people with the "Upholder" personality type (who are good at following through with goals set for them by other people as well as those they set themselves—this comes from the book The Four Tendencies by Gretchen Rubin). However, she felt it would also be good at helping people develop that discipline—and I agree!

This program can sound daunting (I know I was a bit scared to commit to it for fear of not being able to stick to it), but fortunately we have options to work your way up to it. The 21 Day Fix workouts will introduce you to Autumn's style of training and the type of moves she typically includes in her workouts. A Little Obsessed is a mini-program (just one week long) that introduces the same moves used in 80 Day Obsession, but keeps the workouts shorter at 30 minutes each. Both of these are available to Beachbody on Demand subscribers who want to get their feet wet before going "all in" with 80 Day Obsession.

Having completed the program, Kelly has moved on to LIIFT4, and is enjoying the shorter workouts for a change, while still appreciating the physical and mental habits 80 Day Obsession helped her create!

One more word of advice for success from Kelly: she recommends scheduling your workouts. "Put it on your calendar and honor it as you would any other appointment or obligation for work or your family," she says. "As Autumn would say, self care is SO important, and taking care of yourself will help you take care of others in your life, both personally and professionally. Good luck!"

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