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Nisha's Success Story

Shout out to Nisha, who has become such a fixture in our challenge groups with her positive and uplifting comments supporting her fellow challengers. She leads by example, demonstrating an emphasis on progress, not perfection, and showing that a busy and stressful life doesn't have to mean fitness, nutrition, and self-care go out the window.

Nisha actually did her first Beachbody workout program back in 2013, taking on P90X as a way to lose the baby weight after having two children. P90X is a serious program, with some workouts that clock in around the 90 minute mark!! Nisha attacked the program with dedication, but became frustrated when she didn't see much movement on the scale. She now understands that nutrition was the missing piece—but at the time, exhausted from the lengthy workouts and disappointed by a lack of progress, she decided to work with a personal trainer instead.

The trainer directed her attention to nutrition, and after learning about macronutrients and proper portions, Nisha was able to get to her goal weight and stopped seeing the trainer. Around this time, she learned about the 21 Day Fix Extreme and decided to try an at-home workout program to save the time spent commuting to a gym. Not only did she love the workouts, but she realized the container-based meal plan was quite similar to the plan her trainer had given her that had helped her drop the weight!

Since then, she has completed Hammer & Chisel and Core de Force, and is currently doing Insanity Max:30. She says the programs have helped her maintain the lean muscle mass that's so important for keeping our metabolism chugging along (and maintaining bone density) as we get older—and above all, she's noticed the strength she has gained from these programs. "I can do so much more than I could before!" she says. "It's the simple day to day things: opening jars, getting something that used to seem very heavy off of a shelf, playing with my kids." Her husband has even noticed and commented on how much stronger she is than she used to be!

Nisha has also noticed benefits that go beyond the physical. "I feel better about myself on so many levels," she says. Workouts function as a stress reliever for her, and despite a busy life—she and her husband both work full-time—she makes exercise a priority because, she says, "My body and mind really do feel better after working out."

Rather than viewing nutrition and exercise as a weight loss plan, she now sees it as a lifestyle: these healthy behaviors are a way of life now, she says—and that includes daily check-ins with our online support group to log her workout, share successes and struggles, and see what other group members are up to. "The coach and community are great for ongoing support so when stresses pop up in life, as they always do, there is still accountability to work out. The coach and community remind me that I can't just drop working out because something else has come up. I've found that even if I can't do a full workout on a given day, I can't deny that using 10 to 15 minutes to do some ab work, push-ups and squats or a 15-minute cardio workout is helpful. No one is so busy that they can't make time for 10 to 15 minutes of exercise." Amen to that!!!

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