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Workout Review: PiYo

There are very few programs that don't have me watching the clock thinking of how much time is left before the workout is done, but this is one of them. With PiYo I just get in a groove, enjoying the movement and being present in my body—and before I know it, the workout is over!

For me personally, there weren't huge flexibility gains with PiYo, but when I began the program, I was an experienced yoga practitioner and instructor, so it's understandable that the moves didn't take my joints much further in their range of motion, or stretch my muscles beyond what I was already used to. If you don't have a daily yoga practice, I'd say you will definitely see some flexibility benefits with PiYo!

Although I knew that my clients could benefit from PiYo, I wasn't entirely sure how much I myself would benefit from it because of my yoga experience. I was pleasantly surprised that I really felt my strength and balance improved with this program! So did my coordination... It's hard to explain, but PiYo just gets you moving in new ways, in three dimensions. For example, in the move above, you're not just lifting one leg up; you're flipping your whole body over, and using muscles on all sides of your shoulders, core, and hips to flip over and flip back.

The sessions are set to dance-ish pop music. I ended up liking this program so much I became certified as an instructor so I can get access to new routines and new music! So you could say that I'm a fan for sure. I currently offer groups with this program most months. See my upcoming programs or email me at the address in the footer to inquire about trying this program with me as your coach!

Program length: 60 days

Workout length: 20 to 45 minutes

How is the workout schedule organized? Six workouts a week with one rest day. The calendar has you moving into more challenging sessions, and doing the challenging ones more often, in your second month.

Is it low-impact? Yes.

Are modifications shown? Yes. This is one of the workout programs that's top of my list whenever I hear someone has an injury or physical limitation. Modified moves are demonstrated and the program is a bit slower-paced to be easier to keep up with if you are new to exercise or concerned about safety—yet it's still challenging and provides great results.

What equipment is needed? None! I definitely recommend a sticky mat (like shown in this photo—Gaiam is my favorite brand) but I have also done it on bare carpet. If you have hard floors, you may want an extra thick sticky mat, double sticky mat, or a cushion mat—although if you want a cushion mat, you may need to put something grippy on your hands and feet to help you keep from sliding! Email me at the address in the footer for my recommendations on the best sources for any of this equipment—I'm always trying to stay on top of what's just come out, so the recommendations and links may change; that's why I don't just put them i this post.

There is also a PiYo deluxe kit that comes with strength slides (required for the deluxe workouts) and a nice, thick yoga mat.

Interested in trying this program? Learn more in my video review or email me at to find out when my next challenge group starts! I'm only an email away... Let's chat!

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