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Zestful Life! Wellness Challenge

If putting yourself last is a pattern you need to unlearn... join us for this program that's focused on taking care of YOU. We'll be focusing on daily exercise, good nutrition, and taking care of our bodies through drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. These things are so basic—yet so many of us fail to prioritize them. You might be surprised what a difference they make! The program begins with a prep week June 26 and then we officially start July 3!

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Join us for a free program July 16-20 to work on strategies and techniques for overcoming emotional eating. In a live video each evening, I'll be sharing what worked for me—and condensing what it took me years to learn into five days! Including practical tips and support so you can put it into practice to see change quickly.

Eat to Fuel Your Body
Personal Growth Book Club

When you eat well, you feel satisfied until the next meal. Brain and body have the energy they need to power you through your busy lifestyle. No blood sugar spikes and crashes—just calm energy that lasts throughout the day. Learn a way of eating that makes this possible for you. We will have a "prep week" to learn about the program starting July 24 and then our 21 days of following the program start July 31.

This is a FREE and ongoing program, meaning it happens every month and continues with a new book selection each month. We will delve into money, relationships, our physical space, emotional and spiritual health, and other aspects of personal growth! We'd love to have you join us anytime in our private Facebook group

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