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Workout Review: Insanity Max:30

When I tell people I completed Insanity Max:30, they often want to know... just how crazy WAS it?!?!

The answer is, really NOT that crazy. Yes, it was super hard... but all of the moves were approachable and possible in my body, especially with the modified moves that are offered throughout each session. (You can choose to have the modifier remain on the screen the whole time, and I did.) What makes it so hard is that Shaun T strings together difficult move after difficult move, in quick succession.

You know how sometimes workouts or dance routines are just so impossible that you give up? Well... this isn't like that! The whole concept is that you stop and take a break ("max out") when you need a rest, and then get back into it.

Throughout the whole program, Shaun T has such a supportive, positive attitude that it's hard to get down on yourself. Plus, you're seeing improvement from one week to the next when you repeat the sessions. This improvement is reflected in your "max out" time for each session getting longer.

The sessions are made up of drill-style moves, mainly different variations on squats, lunges, and push-ups. There's instrumental music that isn't terrible, but you can also play the sessions without music so you can keep the voice track explaining the moves but put on your own music. Each session is only 30 minutes long (hence the "30" in the name). You don't need any equipment for this program... You build strength and endurance using just your own body weight!

I saw such incredible improvements in my own strength just over the course of the eight weeks of the program. A session that had me gasping for air and stopping every few minutes was doable without breaks by the end. I also saw big improvements in the number of push-ups I was able to complete. The challengers who completed the program along with me were able to do more of the unmodified (full intensity) moves by the end even if they were pretty much exclusively following the modifier at first!

I would recommend this program for anyone who likes a challenge and/or wants a workout that is effective in a short amount of time. It doesn't get much shorter than 30 minutes a day, and I promise you won't feel like you've wasted your time after doing a session of this program. It is even approachable for people working with injuries or physical limitations, as long as you are comfortable following the modifier and won't feel discouraged seeing the full-intensity moves onscreen but not being able to do them.

I do recommend going through this program with a coach to help you master good form and to work with you on the healthy habits that go along with exercise for an overall healthy lifestyle. Visit my programs page to see when my next challenge group is coming up, or send me an email (address at bottom of page) to inquire. I'll be waiting to hear from you!

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