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My Review of Transform:20

This program was made for people who feel like they're too busy to find time for exercise!! With each workout clocking in at just 20 minutes, it's really more of an interlude... You can start and finish your workout in the morning before your brain realizes what's happening, or if you're an afternoon/evening workout person, this is the perfect way to hit the "reset" button to get your energy and good vibes going for the rest of the day!

The Transform:20 program, from fitness legend Shaun T, uses the step as its main tool, which honestly seemed a bit gimmicky to me at first, but I'm really enjoying experiencing the twist the step brings to familiar moves: elevating one foot in a lunge or squat, elevating one hand in a push-up.

Because of the low-impact modifier, this program is suitable not only for the seasoned athlete who loves Shaun T's workouts and wants a new challenge, but also for someone who's new to exercising or coming back to it after a long time away!

Like most of Beachbody's recent releases, this program was filmed with the cast going through the workouts day by day (instead of swapping out cast members to film all the workouts in one day or a few). This means we get to see the cast transforming in real time, and it means we get 36 different workouts... a different once for each day of the program! In addition to six weeks' worth of workout videos, the program includes safety videos, a handful of bonus workouts, and a reality show ("Transform Your Life with Shaun T") focusing on the experiences of the cast while also preparing you for what to expect with each new week's workouts.

Program length: 6 weeks

Workout length: 20 minutes

What equipment is needed: The step, although in a pinch the workouts can be done without it (and there's someone in each video demonstrating how). Some of the bonus workouts also use weights, but these workouts are optional and not part of the suggested calendar.

How is it structured: Each day of the week has a theme: Burn (Monday), Faster (Tuesday), Stronger (Wednesday), Powerful (Thursday), Cut (Friday), Balanced (Saturday). Although the exercises vary from week to week and the intensity increases over the course of the six weeks, the focus remains the same (so for example, Tuesday's workout has fast footwork, Wednesday's focuses on strength work, Saturday's is balance and flexibility work).

What kinds of moves are involved? This program takes familiar workout moves (squats, lunges, push-ups, planks) and adds a twist with the step, requiring additional coordination and balance work. If you're feeling that the same old workout moves have gotten dull, this will definitely spice things up!

Low-impact? There is a decent amount of jumping in the program, but each video has a modifier showing low-impact versions of each move.

Appropriate for beginners? Absolutely, as long as you're ok with following the modifier and not the full-intensity version of the moves.

Interested in trying this program? Learn more in my video review or check out the details of my Transform Your Life fitness challenge! Email me at the address below to find out when the next support group starts and get any questions answered!

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