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Holiday 2018 Self-Care Giveaway!

The holidays are a time for giving! I want to brighten someone's life with this special prize package including several items from my favorite stores and makers as well as a few items I received free of charge. I absolutely love everything in this package (lest you think I'm trying to offload items I don't want)... some of these are simply duplicates and some I've purchased myself for the purpose of this giveaway!

Read below to learn about the goods, or just skip straight to Facebook or Instagram for the details on how to enter.

You can enter as many times as you want between now and when the giveaway closes on December 16. I will announce a winner on or about December 17! This ships free (so there's zero cost at all to the winner) within the U.S. Those outside the U.S. can still enter, but if your name is drawn as the winner you'll just need to pay the shipping (which I can tell you will still be way less than the value of this awesome prize package).

Here's what's included...

Handmade Heat therapy pack: This gift is specially designed by one of my Insta-friends who herself has dealt with pelvic pain. Made of cotton and linen with natural grain filling, this pack will comfort and soothe. I am especially pleased to promote this product because for each one that's purchased, Lindsay donates one to a woman in need!

Merry & Bright mug from This Life Made Easy: While many of the gifts in this package are practical or promote health and wellness... this one is just for fun! Put water or wine in it and get into the holiday spirit! And be sure to check out the rest of Ashley's cup and sticker designs in her online store.

Teleties seasonal bundle: I think I've worn these hair ties every day since trying them last spring. (Not the specific ones I'm giving away, but rather, this brand of hair ties, just to clarify.) There's simply nothing else like them in terms of holding your hair in place, even through a full workout with jumping! They don't tug or pull on your hair and they don't slip either! For someone like me with fine hair that's very slippery/silky, these were a complete game changer!

Taza chocolate stack: Taza stone grinds organic cacao beans into unrefined, minimally processed chocolate with bold flavor and texture, unlike anything you have ever tasted. It lets the taste of the raw cacao shine! Your stack will include flavors such as cinnamon, coffee, almond, and vanilla, as well as pure and simple cacao. Prepare for your taste buds to be delighted!

Spiced pear soap from Lush: You all know that Lush is my favorite place to shop, with their seasonal delights that smell good enough to eat!! This spiced pear soap has a vanilla cream "filling" and is dusted with gold glitter on the outside. How fun is that? The main part of the soap is made with cocoa butter, cardamom oil, and fresh pear purée; the filling is made with murumuru butter and almond oil. All in all, it's a delicious smelling treat that will moisturize as well as cleanse!

The Dip by Seth Godin: I received a duplicate of this book I really enjoyed so I thought I would give it away! The idea is that sometimes in life we're confronted with obstacle that we have to overcome to prove that we really want what was on the other side of that obstacle, whereas sometimes the obstacles that come up show us that something just wasn't meant to be. The book is all about differentiating between those two types of situations when you're faced with an obstacle, so you can determine how to best respond.

3 Day Refresh complete kit (with vegan Shakeology variety pack as shown): Maybe I'm crazy to throw this in since we just received word that it's completely sold out and we don't know when it will be restocked! Seems like everybody needs a 3 Day Refresh in their life this season! But I do this food-based detox 2 or 3 times a year because it's seriously potent for reducing bloating, while being all-natural and without laxatives or other harsh ingredients (i.e., it doesn't work by simply dehydrating you). What's pictured is the supplements and the recipe book; there is additional food you'll have to buy to go along with it (but the good news is you can, and do, totally eat real food on this program). This is also great for kick-starting a new fitness or nutrition regimen, to establish some positive habits that you'll continue (such as eating more vegetables or avoiding processed food) even if your regular routine isn't as strict as this. The winner will also receive access to my virtual support group that guides you through the program, as well as access to me as your coach to answer any questions you may have!

All in all, this package has something for the woman suffering from chronic pain... the active woman who likes her hair to look fashionable... the woman who likes a cute drink cup... anyone who likes chocolate... anyone who enjoys luxe bath products... the book lover... and the person who is sick of feeling sluggish and is looking to start the new year by recommitting to healthy eating, and could use some support to do that.

Since the package is made up of items I love, I suppose it makes sense that the person it's intended for sounds a lot like me ;-) But I could totally see getting the kit and gifting each item to somebody different in your life!

Happy sharing—remember, you can enter every day between now and December 16 if you like! Enter on Facebook here; enter on Instagram here.

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