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Shenelle's LIIFT4 Results

I just have to share with you these incredible results Shenelle has gotten with LIIFT4!!!

What's really interesting is that although she lost 2 pounds, her measurements didn't change... but I think you'll agree that there are some remarkable differences in the pictures!!! It just goes to show that you can't rely on a single way of measuring progress, but rather, have to pay attention to multiple measures of success and celebrate the successes you do see!

Shenelle said she enjoyed LIIFT4 and plans to do it again in the future, although she is switching to 21 Day Fix now to keep her body guessing! She is on an overall mission to chisel out some abs and I have to say she is well on her way!

Shenelle also observed that she gained strength during the program and was able to lift heavier weights by the end of it. She recommends the program for people with a hectic lifestyle, since it has just 4 workouts per week and 3 rest days, so offers a lot of flexibility compared to some other programs—plus the workouts are only 30 minutes long. To anyone on the fence and doubting whether they can do this program, Shenelle says: "You are stronger than you think. Once you make up your mind, your body will confirm it and surprise the heck out of you!"

In addition to the LIIFT4 workouts, she followed a container-based meal plan with Shakeology, and said it was easier to maintain discipline for the majority of the week because she knew she had a treat meal coming! (The LIIFT4 meal plan allows one treat meal per week without compensating or counting.)

Shenelle lives in Brampton, Ontario, with her husband and five-year-old daughter. She has a demanding job in finance but she has still found time to fit in these workouts and the nutrition plan—as well as to be an active member of our support group! She has won prizes for participation a couple of times already, to recognize the support she provides to other participants. She also goes above and beyond in other ways—for example, by posting tips to help others out with correct form for some of the exercises. She contributes so much to our community and we are so grateful to have her!

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