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Jazmine's Success Story

As a coach for the past five years, Jazmine has had quite a long history with Beachbody programs... Check out the list of all the programs she's done along the way: TurboFire, Chalean Extreme, PiYo, 22 Minute Hard Corps, Focus: T25, Insanity Max:30, 80 Day Obsession, YOUv2, Cize, Country Heat, Core de Force, Shift Shop, 3 Day Refresh, 3 Week Yoga retreat, 21 Day Fix, Shaun Week, Body Beast, Double Time, Brazil Butt Lift. Wow!!!

Most recently she completed LIIFT4 and I think you'll agree with me that her results (as shown in this picture) were seriously amazing... Right?! She lost 2 inches each from her waist, chest, hips, and each thigh, and 1.5 inches from each arm, for a total of 13 inches lost in all! She gained 1 pound but that might be expected when adding muscle... and I think it's important to note that if she were only looking at the scale and not taking pictures or measuring, she might completely miss out on noticing and celebrating the changes to her body!!

Every program leaves a mark on us. Jazmine's first experience with TurboFire taught her that she COULD complete a program (even if it meant coming back to it after quitting). "PiYo taught me patience. Focus: T25 taught me that you can ALWAYS make time to work out—which I did while living in the dorms!" she says. "80 Day Obsession and Shift Shop really taught me a lot about nutrition and listening to my body. Cize and Country Heat taught me that it's OK to dance your heart out and have fun. I think before LIIFT4 came out, the one that helped me the most was Core de Force. Joel and Jericho spoke in a way that really resonated with me and my inner voice realized it was okay to be a badass and to push yourself to do uncomfortable things because you'll only get stronger."

With its mix of strength (lifting) and intervals (HIIT)—and 3 rest days per week, with 4 intense but relatively short workouts—LIIFT4 turned out to work really well for her body. "It wasn't the typical lifting-style program I was used to, but I can tell my core is stronger in my everyday activities and I'm so thankful for that," she says. "Even working out just 4 days a week, I still saw results, which surprised me because it's been hard for me to lose weight."

Jazmine says she would recommend LIIFT4 for anyone! Due to the fact that the program has a low-impact modifier and all of the weighted moves can be done with lighter weights to dial down the intensity, it's appropriate and easily accessible for beginners, but can also be made super challenging by using heavier weights and crushing the HIITs at maximum intensity. As with any program, Jazmine notes, "my main caution would be to listen to your body. If you are trying to go up in weight and you struggle with lifting it up for the first rep, do NOT continue. Only lift as heavy as you can do with great form. This will help you avoid injury."

Jazmine recently completed her Insanity instructor training and is now doing Insanity Max:30 to get ready for the launch of Shaun T's Transform:20 program in January! More info coming up on that soon!!!

If you want to follow Jazmine on social media please check out her pages on Facebook and Instagram! To be notified of new program launches and other announcements make sure to subscribe to my email list.

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