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My Review of Daily Sunshine

In honor of school starting I'm offering a sale this month, and I realized I never wrote a review of one of my favorite products!!

(Yes, I do sell this—but I only sell products I believe in! The purpose of this review is to tell you WHY I think it's so great!)

Daily Sunshine was formulated to be something similar to a kid's version of Shakeology. Anyone who drinks Shakeology on a daily basis knows the health benefits, and wants their kids to experience similar benefits—but some of the ingredients in Shakeology are really geared for a more adult lifestyle (anti-aging, stress-busting, etc.) ...not something most kids need, hopefully!

In addition, the medicinal herbs in Shakeology give it a bit of a funky taste. Without all those herbs, Daily Sunshine has a much cleaner and truer taste. It comes in either chocolate or strawberry-banana and both flavors are delicious!

Daily Sunshine is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, certified organic and non-GMO. The product team was able to get these certifications for it due to the shorter ingredient list compared to Shakeology; therefore, Daily Sunshine is more allergy-friendly, and many adults who can't drink Shakeology due to allergies may find that Daily Sunshine is a protein and vitamin drink that works for them!

In both flavors, the first ingredient is protein. The shakes get their sweetness from a combination of fruit powder, sweet potato powder, and organic cane sugar, as well as a bit of stevia. (Regarding the organic cane sugar, it's a balance of getting the shake to taste good so kids will drink it. It still is significantly less sweet than what many kids are used to, and only contains 12 grams of carbohydrate—including 7 grams of sugar—per packet.)

Each packet contains 10 grams of protein, and is considered to be half a serving of protein, half a serving of fruit, and half a serving of vegetables. In addition to the powdered fruit, it contains powdered vegetables, and is a significant source of vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin E, iron, and calcium. Daily Sunshine also contains probiotics to aid immune function and digestive function, including helping the body absorb the most nutrients from the food we eat!

Although I prefer to get most of my nutrients from real, whole, fresh foods, I find that in modern life, having healthy convenience foods available helps keep me from snacking on junk. I think this makes an incredible healthy snack for kids, and I even consume it myself when traveling to help me cut down on food costs and keep myself well nourished.

Interesting in trying Daily Sunshine? Email me at to receive a free sample or request the details of the sale ending 8/31/18.

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