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Erin's Success Story

This woman right here is one of the strongest people I know, and I want to shout her out as challenger of the week because I want you to hear her story!

In the past year she has lost 55 pounds. She made a decision to get back to better health before trying for baby #2 in hopes of avoiding another C-section. In the process she uncovered some serious drive and determination. Beachbody workouts she's completed include PiYo, Chalean Extreme, and P90X. This past spring she decided to take on a new challenge with 80 Day Obsession. Those workouts are extremely demanding and yet Erin has stuck with them through the process of moving, selling her house, and buying a new house... all with an almost-two-year- old!

There may have been some days missed... but she hasn't given up and I almost think that is MORE impressive than having a perfect record! Erin and I are both working on loosening the grip of perfectionism, and being able to accept missing a few workouts without quitting altogether is actually a huge accomplishment!

Erin's curiosity to learn more about nutrition led her to try the 2B Mindset last spring, and she became such an expert on the program and its content that she ended up leading a group with me in June! From there she's moved on to the container system and it's just so awesome to see her love of learning and desire to understand the reasons behind the way the programs are designed the way they are.

It's also been very cool to see her start to look at food in a new and different way, viewing it as a source of nourishment and eating for that goal (all the while nursing her daughter—a subject she's also passionate about)! Erin, you are definitely a quick learner! I've loved working with you to learn to listen to your body more and notice the effect that food has on it. I'm in awe that you've stuck with all this and made such clear progress during a very stressful and chaotic time in your life... seriously impressive!

Information on the programs mentioned above: 80 Day Obsession, 2B Mindset, container system. For more information or questions, contact me at

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