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Beachbars: Your Protein-Packed, Packable Summer Snack

When it comes to eating healthy, sometimes a compromise is required... right?

It's called balance... right in the middle between being rigid and going completely off the rails... and in my mind, this brand-new snack bar strikes the perfect balance.

First, the facts. Beachbars:

  • come in two flavors, peanut butter chocolate and chocolate cherry almond

  • contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives

  • contain no soy, trans fats, or artificial sweeteners

  • are sweetened with a combination of fruit juice, tapioca syrup, and a small amount of cane sugar

  • are vegetarian and certified gluten-free

  • fit into the container system (1/2 red, 1/2 yellow, 1 teaspoon)

Now, let's compare...

  • BEACHBAR VS. CANDY BAR: Let's face it, when you're craving a Snickers (or your candy bar of choice), a protein bar isn't going to taste quite the same as that sugar bomb... but the Beachbar is about as close as it gets. Drizzled with real chocolate, and containing real chocolate or peanut butter chips depending on flavor, this snack bar satisfies your sweet tooth with only 150 calories—including 10 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, so it will keep you satisfied much longer than a candy bar, without the resulting sugar crash.

  • BEACHBAR VS. OTHER PROTEIN BARS: Refer to the bulleted list above. The protein sources in this bar are whey protein and pea protein. This bar avoids the cheapest and most commonly pesticide contaminated sources of protein. This is not a "zero sugar" bar—and thank goodness for that, because it avoids that nasty chemical artificial sweetener taste. Because it actually tastes good, I find it much more satisfying than other protein bars I've tried.

  • BEACHBAR VS. A SALAD: Look, I'm the first person to say that I prefer to get most of my nourishment from real, whole foods. I make most of my meals and snacks at home. I'm the one toting a cooler to the beach and pulling out my cherry tomatoes and mini bell peppers to snack on. But we all find ourselves in a pinch sometimes, and that's when Beachbars come in handy. I'd say the more accurate comparison is not Beachbar vs. salad, but Beachbar vs. Taco Bell or whatever other take-out you'd be choosing—whatever you'd end up eating on the go when you're not able to bring a fresh salad along! I'm not saying to eat one of these every single day, but I do find they really come in handy when out and about to help me keep my restaurant food purchases to a minimum. When used that way, they're also a money saver!

Beachbars are honestly my favorite new product that's come out in awhile. You can order some here, or email me at to request a free sample. I can also hook you up with the preferred customer discount if you know you'll be ordering them regularly—ask me how!

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