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Lisa's 80 Day Obsession Results

She did it again!!

When Lisa sets out to complete a workout program, there's not much that can stand in the way. She's just super patient and consistent and she perseveres until it's done!

This time Lisa actually had to take a two-month break from 80 Day Obsession due to an injury from snow shoveling. It was amazing to me how she really didn't let it discourage her too much. Instead she was diligent with her physical therapy exercises and she started the program over again from the beginning as soon as she was cleared to do so. She finished last week down 9 inches and 6.5 pounds!

Of course that's not the entire loss you see in this picture. In the last three years she's lost about 40 pounds, but more importantly, she's gained muscle and built strength, helping her ease the pain caused by preexisting hip and back injuries. This strength also helps her manage those injuries and avoid making them worse.

For Lisa, this has been a journey about not just looking better, but improving her quality of life in so many ways! A year ago she was able to discontinue her cholesterol medication after her numbers improved because of changes she made in her diet. She also mentions what exercise has done for her in terms of having a little "me time" every day and not always putting herself last. Sometimes we don't even realize we're living with resentment until we take the steps to change it.

Lisa is a coach on our team and she's constantly discovering and sharing informative tidbits about the benefits of exercise and healthy eating for our mental health, heart health, bone density, and more. She recently completed her bachelor's degree in health and wellness as well!

Over the last two years since she's been a member of our team she's completed Core de Force, Body Beast, YOUv2, and the 21 Day Fix, as well as dabbling in Hip Hop Abs, Brazil Butt Lift, and Hammer & Chisel. 80 Day Obsession is the most challenging and intense program Beachbody has come out with so far (and I speak from experience since I've done just about all of them) so it's no small feat to complete it! It also involves a timed nutrition plan that really teaches you how to eat for athletic performance, and although it makes you feel amazing, it definitely takes some work to follow... but Lisa dove in and figured it out without a single complaint!

Congrats, Lisa, on all of your hard work. You deserve to feel super proud of this accomplishment!!!

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