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Believe in You: Coach Summit 2018

However I'm feeling going into the annual Coach Summit—energized and hopeful or tired and stressed—I know for sure that I'll end Summit feeling fired up for the year ahead!

The theme of this year's Summit was "Believe in You," and from start to finish, the trainings and presentations focused on recognizing the unique gifts that each of us has. Each of us is uniquely positioned to help specific people with specific issues on their wellness journey, and when we feel like we have to imitate others, not only does it not come across as genuine, but we are actually hiding and keeping from the world our own unique message and its chance to make an impact.

That theme really hit home with me, and I came away determined to spend the next year finding my voice and really owning who I am as a coach—what I offer that's unique and different from any other health coach out there.

I feel like I always try and fail in these blog posts to capture what the experience of Summit is like, because it's more than the sum of the parts. Just know that it transforms you by working on all of your faculties—physical, mental, emotional.

Summit has four main purposes as I see them. One is learning: attending workshops and hearing from other coaches about their best practices and innovative ideas for helping clients and leading their teams, but also listening to motivational speakers who challenge our minds to look at things in new ways. The lessons in this category don't necessarily relate directly to coaching, but they ripple through everything we do, and therefore do affect our work as coaches.

Summit is also the time when we celebrate the achievements of our teams, our clients, and ourselves over the past year. This company is excellent at recognizing a diverse array of accomplishments, so that if perhaps you missed one specific goal, you can still celebrate other types of goals you did achieve—and you get to decide which goals are important to you and what to emphasize in your business. This isn't cookie-cutter or one-size-fits-all.

Equally important is the way Summit immerses us in what our company does. For four days we're living among thousands of other people who are also passionate about fitness and nutrition, who prioritize healthy living and have a fire in their bellies for helping others become healthier too. It's an incredible experience to complete an intense workout alongside thousands of other people and know that you all crushed it together!

Summit offers a chance to work out with the celebrity trainers you've only seen in the videos, and there's a smoothie bar with fancy, yummy recipes using our supplements, but it's really the intangible vibe of all these positive, healthy people coming together that gives Summit such a special feeling!

In the end, the community and friendships are the most memorable part of Summit. Over the last four years I've made so many close friendships both within and outside my team. We live all over the U.S., UK, and Canada. It's so wonderful to meet in person when most of our interactions are online—and it always takes me by surprise how easily we get along and how deep the friendships go when we do get to see each other in person. These are my people!!

Coach Summit will be back in Indianapolis for 2019 and I'm excited to see how our team will have grown and the impact we'll make by then!

Want to know more about coaching with Team Lives on Fire? Check out this virtual tour of our team and what we do as coaches!

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