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Mary's 80 Day Obsession Results

Since Mary made a decision to take charge of her health 2.5 years ago, she's been a model of consistency, cranking out one Beachbody workout program after another, and rarely missing a workout. But with 80 Day Obsession, she took it to a new level...

Her previous favorites had been 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme due to the brevity of the workouts (30 minutes). Mary is a busy mom of twin boys as well as several foster children. She is often on the road for work, and cherished short workouts for the ease of fitting them into her schedule. But when 80 Day Obsession came along, she was lured in by the promise of sculpted abs and a toned booty, and decided to give the program a try... both the hour-long workouts and the timed nutrition plan designed to build muscle and help diminish body fat.

Over the course of the program, Mary ended up losing 10.6 pounds (this transformation photo is her entire 2.5-year transformation with a total of 65 pounds lost). In the 13 weeks of 80 Day Obsession, Mary lost 15 inches: 3.5 from the waist, 3.5 from the hips, 2 from the chest, 2 from each thigh, and 1 from each arm! She also saw considerable strength gains, noting, "I had to buy heavier weights a couple of times."

The program lived up to its booty building promise for Mary. She says: "I always had a very odd-shaped rear end, and was very happy to finally have a normal one. It finally has some decent shape now!" It's super fun to see Mary proudly rocking those skinny jeans!

In terms of fitting it into her lifestyle, Mary was surprised with how easily it happened, with a bit of commitment and determination. "I was so used to 30-minute and felt that I could NEVER find any more time in my schedule," she says, "but I found that I just made time for it, since I valued it and was seeing such progress."

Just as I did, Mary appreciated the variety of workouts in the program, which has 80 different workouts that never repeat over the course of the 13 weeks. She found timed nutrition to be possible to fit into her always busy routine, even with schedule changes from one day and week to the next, after getting used to it and with a bit of flexibility, it was possible to find plan-approved snacks and meals to eat even when on the road.

Mary recommends the program to anyone who is ready to work hard to see a change in their body, noting that it may be overwhelming (with lengthy workouts and a completely new way of eating to learn) for someone who is completely new to Beachbody programs, but may be a better choice for someone who already has some experience with Beachbody workouts (specifically Autumn's, such as 21 Day Fix, Fix Extreme, or Hammer & Chisel) and the container system.

Meanwhile, she loved the program enough that she is currently doing Round 2 along with me and is crushing it all over again! Amazing work, Mary!!

Want to give 80 Day Obsession a try? Click here to learn more, or shoot me an email at the address below to find out when the next support group starts.

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