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Brittany's Ultimate Reset Experience

Every day, while we sleep and while we're awake, our bodies are constantly working to process and detoxify all of the extraneous substances we take in along with the food we eat, the liquids we drink, and the air we breathe, as well as gases and residues absorbed from cleaning or personal care products. Our bodies do an amazing job of this, but over time, toxins are stored in our tissues.

Beachbody's Ultimate Reset program is designed to lighten the body's toxic burden by addressing both inputs and outputs. By utilizing foods and supplements that support the body's natural detoxification mechanisms, the Ultimate Reset helps the body flush toxins out. Meanwhile, the special diet that goes along with the Ultimate Reset minimizes the toxins that are being taken in.

This program takes commitment, but as noted in my review of the current meal plan I'm following, sometimes a stricter plan is the kick in the pants we need to finally start following something to a T rather than saying "eh, close enough"—which is the attitude that can go along with a plan that is more flexible.

The level of commitment that's required is the reason I'm so very proud of my client Brittany for following the Ultimate Reset to the letter for all 21 days!! Although it's a bit daunting at the beginning to figure out how to fit it into your lifestyle, she ended up enjoying it once she got into a rhythm with it, and has continued a similar way of eating since completing the 21 days.

The Ultimate Reset has three phases of one week each:

1) Reclaim, in which red meat and dairy are phased out (sample day: eggs with whole wheat toast and kale or spinach for breakfast, microgreen salad and miso soup with pumpkin seeds for lunch, vegan Shakeology with fruit and almond butter for a snack, baked salmon with asparagus and potatoes for dinner). Supplements include Power Greens, Mineralize, Soothe, Optimize.

2) Release, which transitions you to a fully vegan diet (sample day: fresh fruit plate for breakfast, microgreen salad with avocado and pumpkin seeds for lunch, vegan Shakeology with fruit and avocado for a snack, beans and rice with steamed zucchini and green beans with lemon juice and olive oil for dinner). A Detox supplement is also added in this phase.

3) Restore, in which a vegan diet is continued and grains are further reduced (sample day: fresh fruit plate for breakfast, Asian cabbage salad with avocado and miso soup for lunch, Shakeology with fruit and coconut oil for a snack, baked sweet potato and garlic veggies for dinner). A Revitalize supplement replaces the Detox supplement in this phase.

Only gentle exercise (such as walking or restorative yoga) is recommended during the Ultimate Reset, and it's highly encouraged to get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water.

Now that you know the basics, I'll let Brittany tell you the rest in her own words!

What results did you see from the Ultimate Reset?

I lost 15 pounds; my clothes felt a lot looser and I was being complimented by people about how much thinner I looked. I practically lost my desire to eat sweets (something that has always been hard for me). At times I craved vegetables but never the junk that I previously craved. Also, nighttime snacking has always been a struggle but by making myself not eat, I got to where I didn’t miss it. I started reading instead of snacking, which has been very fulfilling as I had lacked time to do it! I stopped all caffeine without any issues. I was also drinking a gallon of water every day, which has so many benefits.

How have you felt different since completing it?

I have continued to lose weight and I have continued with the same positive habits and changes that I developed during the reset. I have had more energy and have not needed any caffeine at all (even on days without much sleep).

Why did you decide to give it a try?

I was in very good shape at the end of 2016. I was eating well, exercising often and feeling amazing. Then I got a job. While working (in a school) I stopped exercising, started eating poorly, stopped drinking water, and started snacking a lot at night to decompress—and also hitting drive-thrus more often than I care to admit. During 2017 I gained 20 pounds and was generally angry with myself for letting myself get so out of control. I needed to break the habits cold turkey and the Reset did just that.

How difficult and time consuming was the prep work? Did you feel like the "Reset in a Crunch" plan (which takes the simplest recipes and repeats them to minimize prep time) made it easier?

The plan/prep work is not difficult at all. I actually like spending some time one day a week and then having my meals ready to go. The express plan made it easier but I didn’t love some of the meals and there I was stuck with them several times. If I had to do it again I would not do the express, but would just prep all my meals in advance. That way if there was a meal I didn’t like I would only have to eat it once.

Explain the supplements you had to take. What effects could you feel from them (if any)?

You take supplements 30 minutes before eating (you eat three times a day). They change a little bit throughout the Reset but not significantly. I didn't love the taste of the Power Greens, so I tried to encapsulate it the first day, but one serving took 10 capsules! Then I started doing them in a very small amount of water (2 oz max) with a big swig of lemon juice and then just down it. It was still gross but I would chase it with a full 32 oz of water.

How did you deal with the timing of food and supplements with your work schedule and other commitments?

The timing is only dependent on when you eat. So I would take the supplements and then wait for 30 minutes before eating—that's it.

How often did you eat the same foods? Did you get sick of them?

I ate some variation of a salad every day. I love salads so I”m okay with that. I ate 3 cups of fruit every day, which was fine as it could be even combination of fruit (except banana) so again, it was fine. Fruit is not overly filling to me, so that part was a challenge, but once I got used to it, I was okay. DInner had some more variety, but it typically involved a very large portion of a green vegetable and a sweet potato. It really was not bad at all, and I’m still sticking to a modified version of the plan even now.

Did you enjoy eating or was it a chore?

I stopped thinking of eating as an activity to be enjoyed, and started thinking of it more as a way to fuel my body. When I changed my perspective, it didn’t matter if I enjoyed it or not. I was also typically pretty hungry when it was time to eat, so I did enjoy the food by that point.

Who would you recommend the Ultimate Reset for?

People who need a severe change in attitude or habits, or a kick in the butt to get back on the health wagon.

What advice would you give someone trying it for the first time?

Commit to the program fully; be willing to find a 3 week period where you don’t have to eat away from home a lot (other than lunches or snacks prepared at home to take with you), not around the holidays, etc. Know that it might be challenging but the changes you’ll see in your body, mind and psyche will be worth it.

Want to try the Ultimate Reset? Purchase your kit now or contact me at the email address below to discuss whether it could be right for you.

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