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My Experience at the New Leaders Conference

I had the chance to attend the Beachbody New Leaders Conference (NLC) this year and I wanted to share with you all of the details of this truly incredible experience. This event signifies that a coach's business has progressed from being just about you and the clients you help, to including your team members and their clients too. It signifies that you have become a leader by helping other coaches build successful businesses too!

It took me four years to earn this!! I remember being a new coach and seeing established coaches posting about attending this conference... how much it energized them and fired them up in their business. Some people earn it their first or second year of coaching, but I was so thrilled to finally get there... slow and steady wins the race!

The conference was a combination of business and leadership training and celebrating our successes. We got some previews and sneak peeks of what's coming up with the company. It had a lot of the same elements as Coach Summit, but there were some differences... specifically, the level of complexity in the trainings—since many of the coaches who attend Summit are brand-new or haven't really gotten rolling in their business yet, the trainings at the NLC were more like mastermind sessions—as well as the size of the sessions. Summit is an enormous event with tens of thousands of people; the NLC had about 200. It was nice to get to work out with Autumn and not have to arrive an hour early to wait in line in order to get a good spot!

See more photos and details below... and if you think you may be interested in building a home-based business helping people lead healthier lives through fitness and nutrition, and mentoring others in building a similar business, come hang out with us in the Facebook group that gives a peek behind the curtains into our team!

I followed the 80 Day Obsession meal plan the entire week (aside from two drinks... didn't want to let my free drink tickets go to waste!)

I found a coffee shop a block from the beach to get a bit of work done before the conference started. Love being able to make money from anywhere!

The first "official" event of the conference was a small group tour of Beachbody HQ in Santa Monica.

We also got to see the legendary Shakeology wall, with samples of each ingredient that's in our daily shake! Antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, supergreens... it's all there!

Back at the conference hotel, learning more of the nitty gritty about Shakeology ingredients and how they work to promote optimum health!!!

Everyone from Beachbody corporate offices was there, all the way up to the CEO! Very cool how they rolled out the red carpet for us!

Got to meet Autumn at the welcome reception!

And I got to work out live with her the next morning! Check out my video from the experience.

Our welcome package included samples of the new Beachbar product that won't be formally released until April!

They were the perfect balance of healthy and yummy!

Ready for the closing dinner!

Indulging just a little since I worked HARD to get here!

Dinner was a taco bar with churros for dessert. I only looked at the churros (chose to have a drink instead of dessert, not both).

One of my favorite things about the coach community is the friends I've made. Elisabeta and I met on Instagram but this was the first time we met in person! Thank you for hosting me... and I know you can make the NLC next year!!!

Thank you for your hospitality!!!

Sooooo yummy!

We needed this after our workout...

Just a little more work by the pool before heading home

Goodbye California!

Such a fun trip!! Can't wait to see my coach friends again on our incentive trip to Mexico in April, when we'll be celebrating the hard work we all put in during 2017!

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