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Randa's Success Story

Although I don't have kids myself, I have noticed that among my friends and clients, the time right after becoming a parent for the first time is a very tough time for self-care! Routines are being renegotiated with a new family member, and really one's entire life changes upon becoming a parent.

When Randa contacted me last spring, she was ready to get back to taking better care of herself, both for her own sake and the sake of her husband and her daughter, who is now 2.

Randa dove right into the 21 Day Fix and really seemed to take to the structure of it... She has barely missed a day in the last four months! When the Fix workouts were no longer as challenging, she moved on to 21 Day Fix Extreme, and has now joined us for the Shift Shop. She has displayed such dedication and discipline taking on these VERY challenging workouts, approaching them with a can-do attitude and doing what needs to be done!

After her first month, Randa was hooked on the habit of daily exercise and also was noticing that she had more energy due to improvements she made in her diet. She also mentioned that her husband noticed her mood had improved :-)

The Shift Shop has brought further transformation for her—mental, physical, emotional. "For the first time, I am focused on building a strong body and less worried about the scale," she says. She especially notices a stronger core and better posture—benefits I've definitely noticed in myself from this program as well!

I love helping people lose weight, but the most fulfilling part for me is when my clients start to experience internal transformation—feeling stronger, more confident, calmer, happier, more energetic. Randa, I am so happy for you that you are experiencing these quality-of-life benefits that matter just as much as physical health <3

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