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Missy's Success Story

Although Missy and I have known each other for a long time (we went to high school together), she has only been part of my challenge groups for about three months so far. I invited her to participate when I saw her posting about doing the Insanity workouts, because I believe everyone deserves to have the support of a coach and fellow challengers. Beachbody's workout videos are great on their own, but it's so much easier to stick with the routine of pressing play every day when you know people are expecting you to show up and report back that you've completed your workout.

Since getting to know her and her story better, I have to say that I find Missy's story and her strength so inspiring. She is a single mom to 3 kids, and also works as a personal care assistant, taking care of her mom, who is disabled.

Her fitness journey began when her father passed away in 2009. She recalls: "I needed something for me, and working out got me through that heartache and pain."

So far, Missy has lost 75 pounds. She started out with walking, then went on to do several different workout videos as well as Crossfit for a year. But you can't beat the convenience of at-home workouts, so this spring Missy returned to workout videos and absolutely CRUSHED the Insanity program with her friend Ashley! She and Ashley do their workouts together, and it's so much fun to see their daily check-ins and see them cheering each other on. Lately they have been sampling some other workout from Beachbody on Demand, including Country Heat, Hip Hop Abs, Rockin' Body T25, and 21 Day Fix. That's the best thing about this service—there are so many workouts to choose from that it's practically impossible to get bored!

Of course it's nice to see the number on the scale move, but what makes me the happiest for Missy is to hear her describe what has changed about her life as a result of losing the weight. "My life is so different than before," she says. "I would never have gotten up and played catch with my son or basketball with my daughter. I would have just sat and watched them play. I am more active now, I have a better attitude and outlook on life."

Her advice for those who are at the beginning of their journey: "Take that first step. I know it's hard and scary, but do it. You can do anything that you put your mind to. Also, don't get upset with yourself in this journey, take it day by day, and only compete with yourself and no one else."

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