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How I Stave Off Post-Workout Soreness

I've come to think of soreness as a badge of honor, and don't really mind it that much. In a perverse way, I kind of enjoy massaging my aching muscles and feeling pride in how hard I've worked along with that tenderness.

But I've also realized that whatever chemicals in the body are associated with that soreness seem to also have the effect of making me grouchy—or maybe it's the fact that I can't do normal daily activities without wincing in pain. Besides that, I know that one really tough workout can cause me to avoid giving my all in workouts for several days afterwards if the soreness is intense.

For these reasons, I've found that it's better to alleviate the soreness than just grin and bear it. Recover from the Beachbody Performance line is a protein drink that contains potent anti-inflammatory botanicals, which gives my muscles what they need to repair and rebuild as well as easing my soreness. I'm very careful about what I put in my body, so I love the fact that this product has a clean, short ingredient list—and I absolutely love the flavor! It tastes just like a chocolate malt. (There's also a natural orange flavor that tastes like Orange Julius when you blend it with ice.)

It works best when consumed within 30 minutes after exercise. I usually blend it with 8 oz water and a splash of milk, although frozen cherries can be added for a yummy chocolate-covered-cherry treat!

I've even found that during months when I drink it consistently, my menstrual cramps are pretty much nonexistent. (Due to complications of surgery, I'm not able to take ibuprofen or Aleve, so just have to tough it out med-free... but this helps so much!)

Here's what's on the ingredient list:

  • Protein blend (whey, casein, and pea) optimized to restock glycogen stores, promote protein synthesis and repair muscles

  • Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs): L-leucine, aline, isoleucine, L-glutamine. These are the "building blocks" of protein that prevent your body from cannibalizing muscle (which can happen if you burned so many calories that your body needs more energy stat) and help muscles rebuild after being worked

  • Pomegranate extract (this is the anti-inflammatory active ingredient)

  • Natural sweeteners: non-GMO beet sugar, stevia leaf

  • Natural flavorings: cocoa powder, natural chocolate flavor

  • Xanthan gum (gives it smoothness when blended)

Want more info about this product? Interested in getting set up with a fitness or nutrition program tailored to you? Shoot me an email at the address below—let's connect!

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