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Workout Review: Country Heat

I honestly didn't expect to like Country Heat as much as I did. I thought the music (contemporary country pop with some country classics mixed in) would be pleasant and tolerable, but I ended up loving it so much I downloaded a playlist with 15 of the songs from the workout sessions! (Find the full track listing, session by session, here.) There's no choreography to learn with this program; instead, trainer Autumn Calabrese (of 21 Day Fix fame, but she also has a dance background—who knew?) introduces one move at a time, then pairs up two moves to try together in a combination, and then moves on. I sometimes find myself dreading my morning workout, but when it's dance moves set to infectious pop tunes, it's a lot easier to get out of bed when that alarm goes off at 6am! Because I was doing this program during fertility treatments that were having all sorts of effects on my body, I'm not really sure what results I otherwise would have gotten from this program, but I can tell you that my leg and abdominal muscles were sore and I saw some nice toning in those areas, as you would expect from a dance program.

Program length: 30 days

Workout length: 25-30 minutes

What equipment is needed? None.

How is it structured? You receive a workout calendar that starts out with the easier sessions and moves along to the sessions with more complex movements as you progress through the four weeks.

Low-impact? Yes. There is some hopping involved, but modifications are shown for these moves.

Are modifications shown? Yes, low-impact and lower-intensity alternatives are shown for all of the moves, to make the program accessible for those with physical limitations or those who are new to exercise. As your coach, I can work with you to further adapt and customize this program for your specific needs.

Interested in trying this program? Learn more in my video review or email me at to find out when my next challenge group starts! I'm only an email away... Let's chat!

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