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Our Experience on the S.S. Beachbody

Heaven knows, anyone who earns a Success Club trip with Beachbody works darn hard. And that's the reason I advocate for all of the coaches on my team to shoot for this trip and go on this trip—it's a once-a-year adventure specifically designed to reward coaches for the hard work they are putting in!

I'll share below highlights of our trip for coaches from Team Lives on Fire who may be considering shooting for the 2017 trip to the Dominican Republic, as well as people reading this who may not be coaches yet, but may be interested in joining our team. If you enjoy traveling and you feel you could use some sun, sand, and pampering in your life, this is an amazing way to earn a free trip while also doing work that makes a positive difference in people's lives!

The 2016 trip consisted of five nights aboard the Oasis of the Seas, the largest cruise ship in the world. Beachbody chartered the entire ship, so it was awesome to have the entire ship to ourselves for group workouts on the pool deck every morning (with up to four each day to choose from), a Shakeology bar (with different flavors and recipes each day!) available after the workouts, and a special healthy menu available in the dining rooms. At the same time, half of the 6,000 the people on the ship were guests of coaches, and coaches are a very diverse group themselves, so it's not like people were only talking about fitness and nutrition the entire time. A lot of fun was had!

In most ways, this was like any other cruise... which, in fact, was new to me since I'd never been on a cruise before! (Sean had.) We traveled to the Bahamas and Jamaica, and in each place we had an excursion. So, on those days, we got off the boat and were taken from the cruise ship terminal to a smaller marina to get on a sailboat and go snorkeling. There were many excursions to choose from... Historical tours, beach days, ziplining, swimming with dolphins... The only downside was that we could only pick one per day! In both places, there was a bit of time left over for us to grab food, drinks, and souvenirs near the port after returning from the excursion, but before it was time to get back on the ship.

It also was allowed to stay on the boat and enjoy the pools and different areas of the ship without as much crowding! The ship had so many places to explore, that we might have been tempted to do this if we hadn't already booked our excursions in advance. The ship had individual "neighborhoods"... a shopping mall, an arcade, a casino, an area that looked just like Central Park! There were numerous pools and hot tubs, with both sunny and shady spots, and a stone-terraced, child-free zone for sunbathing (this was the area where the chairs filled up fastest each morning and stayed filled all day!)

On the days we were at sea (traveling between ports), Beachbody scheduled some programming for us. One day there were announcements from corporate, and another day a panel with the top 10 coaches. As much as it sometimes feels like I've "heard it all before" in terms of advice on how to succeed in this business, it still was really nice to hear it in person, unscripted, from people I really look up to—and I find it makes more of an impression when I'm sitting there with them in person, instead of hearing it on a training call or a YouTube video. And as far as the announcements go, there was such excitement in the room as we learned about the new and improved Beachbody on Demand mobile app, the new Country Heat workout program coming this summer, and the upcoming reality TV show to choose the next celebrity trainer. It was truly awesome to be among the very first to hear about these exciting new directions for the company!

Each evening on the boat, there were different choices of entertainment—a stunt diving show, a figure skating show, an a cappella/barbershop quartet performance, an acrobatic show, karaoke, and many different themed nightclub options. Sean and I wanted a more low-key experience so we really didn't take full advantage of late-night options, but those options were definitely there in spades for those looking to party!

The food on the cruise was truly amazing and deserves its own paragraph. Each night, we would sit down for a formal dinner (but we still could choose the time and who to sit with). Each person would have his or her choice from multiple options for an appetizer, entree, and dessert course. There was very little repetition—which almost was frustrating because it was impossible to try it all! The food was outstanding, the service phenomenal, and the best part was the leisurely pace. When was the last time you sat with your friends and chatted for two and a half hours over dinner? It had been awhile since we'd had the luxury of doing that, and we loved the chance to slow down and savor those moments!

And then during the in-between times, there was so much to do on the ship aside from the scheduled activities. There was a mini golf course, ziplining, a wave pool where you could surf against the current, and just tons of little fun ways to spend a little while. So much to discover! We loved just walking around all parts of the ship to see everything that was there, all the hidden balconies and alcoves.

Truly, some of my favorite moments on the ship were the time spent relaxing with my colleagues and friends, just getting to know each other and enjoying each other's company (when normally we mostly talk business). There also were a few fun surprises, like the day Tony Horton (of P90X fame) offered a small group workout in the ship's gym and only about 40 of us showed up... It was a little more intimate than the morning workouts with several hundred people!

So, now that part that can apply to you... If you are interested in earning the 2017 Success Club trip to the Hard Rock Hotel & Resort in Punta Cana, what is required to earn your room for free is to help 5 people in a challenge group each month during the calendar year of 2016. (If you are joining mid-year, it will have to be a few more people each month, or you can earn part of the cost and pay the remainder.)

If you have a passion for health and fitness, and/or are looking for a way to stay motivated on your own journey while acting as a positive influence in others' lives—and if the idea of a week in Punta Cana for you and a guest sounds like something you need in your life—then I hope you'll fill out this short form to be considered for a spot on our team! I am always looking to add new people who are committed to inspiring others in a body-positive way that prioritizes self-love, body acceptance, and health!

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