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Last Chance for Combat & Pump!

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It's your last chance to get the Les Mills Pump and Les Mills Combat programs on DVD! Once they're sold out... they're gone, and Beachbody isn't bringing them back. Pump is a strength training program on which the Body Pump programs at gyms are based. Combat is a martial-arts style program that is popular among men and women alike. I can vouch for their quality—these are both top-notch programs!!

Both programs are 40 percent off, and the equipment used with them is 50% off. Here are your various purchase options and prices as of January 10, 2015:

Les Mills Pump base kit - $100

Les Mills Pump challenge pack with Shakeology - $180

Les Mills Combat base kit - $36

Les Mills Combat challenge pack with Shakeology - $140

Barbell with speed safety clips - $28.45

Barbell weights - $8.45/pair

Combat/kickboxing gloves - $19.98

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