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Brazil Butt Lift sale!

This program was developed for lingerie models... and now it's coming to you for a new low price! Christmas in July, indeed!

It's a 60-day program with individual workout sessions ranging from 30 to 60 minutes. This program delivers major sculpting to the legs, abdominals, and backside. A bit of upper-body work too! Comes with a tape measure and one strength band.

  • Base kit (6 workouts on DVD + 1 bonus session for ordering through your coach) - was $60, now $40

  • Deluxe kit (all of the above + 3 extra workout sessions and 2 strength bands at a higher resistance to ramp up the difficulty of your workout) - was $120, now $80

  • Challenge pack (base kit + bonus session + 1 month supply of Shakeology) - was $160, now $140

I have this program and I need to revisit it soon! Who wants to get a sculpted "bum bum," as program creator Leandro Carvalho calls it, with me?

The company isn't saying how long this price reduction will last, so if you're interested, the best advice I can give you is... act now!

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