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’Tis the season...


...but for what? Will it be a season of stress and exhaustion, or reflection and renewal?


We get to choose. But if we don't make a deliberate choice, we can end up saying yes to too much... and saying no to self-care in the process.


There is another way. Let's spend December together, following an exercise program that focuses on flexibility and alleviating tension... just what our bodies need this time of year.


When you join us, you'll get membership in our online group where we learn about the strength, flexibility, and relaxation benefits our bodies receive from this type of exercise, and how this affects our health. I find that it's less tempting to skip workouts when a) I'm not dreading them because they're actually enjoyable, and b) I have a good understanding of HOW getting it done will help my body and my health.


As an added bonus, you'll also get membership in my Healthy through the Holidays Support Group that has already begun. We are supporting one another in navigating the holiday season in an intentional, purposeful way—so we take part in the traditions we love (or make our own new traditions!) but bow out of the stuff we don't even enjoy. We practice the skill of respectfully declining, and it helps us not be so crazy busy... and actually savor the season, y'know?


If this all sounds groovy to you, fill out the form at left or email me at the address below.


Sign up by November 23. We start on November 30 (the Monday after Thanksgiving) and the program wraps up just after Christmas.


When you enroll, you'll receive:


  • 8 flexibility-focused workout sessions on DVD (yours to keep forever) with streaming access for 30 days

  • a workout calendar designed to help you maximize the strength and flexibility benefits for your body

  • a month's supply of Shakeology in the flavor of your choice

  • daily SUPPORT in our online groups to keep you on track with your healthy habits... a group of people committed to seeing you succeed, and here for you when life gets challenging.

  • tons of fun BONUSES that you can only get in my programs... daily info about nutrition and fitness, healthy holiday recipes, mindfulness exercises to help reduce stress. Plus we'll be getting to know one another in the group and developing some community spirit by sharing about traditions and rituals, as well as venting and supporting one another when things stress us out!


Instead of tackling life at an ever-accelerating pace... I invite you to SLOW DOWN with us in December.

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