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It's time to get ripped.


If you're looking to build muscle, you've come to the right place. Body Beast is a program that will bulk you up like no other. Trainer Sagi Kalev developed both the exercise program, and the nutritional supplements that go along with it, to maximize lean muscle gains for those who follow the program.


Body Beast is a 90-day program with workouts ranging in length from 30 to 55 minutes. It is part of the Beachbody on Demand streaming service for anyone who has purchased the DVDs. (In other words, you need to buy the DVDs to get streaming access, but you don't need to use the DVDs. This also gives you permanent access to the program even if you choose to let your streaming membership expire.)


Yes, I want in!


If you would like to do Body Beast as part of one of my monthly fitness challenge groups, then you should order either the challenge pack with Shakeology or the challenge pack with supplements for building lean muscle. Both packages include:



  • 8 different workout sessions

  • workout schedule covering 8 weeks

  • nutrition guide

  • membership in our online support group where you'll learn all about the program and get all the support you need to succeed

  • 30 day membership in the Beachbody on Demand streaming service, with streaming access to all your Body Beast sessions and 28 other workout programs in their entirety

  • super discounted shipping

  • free T-shirt upon completion of the program

  • the chance to win prizes just by participating

  • entry into the contest for Beachbody's $500 daily prize

  • 30 day money back guarantee if not satisfied for any reason



If you just want the DVDs by themselves, without all the other added benefits mentioned above, you can get the base kit here. There's also the deluxe kit, which includes some supplements, and the ultimate kit, which includes even more supplements.


Still got questions? Fill out the form at left and I'll be in touch within 24 to 48 hours to chat more!


Meanwhile, learn more about Body Beast in the video below.

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