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Ready for a change?


Can you lose weight and/or get in shape without a Beachbody fitness program and Shakeology? Of course you can! There are many ways under the sun to do it. But as a coach, I've chosen to work with Beachbody because they've created, tested, and perfected a system that works.


In my month-long fitness challenge groups, we work on four pillars of healthy living: exercise, nutrition, sleep, and hydration. We make a plan for the month and set goals for each day. These are online groups where we check in and support each other. When I completed my first challenge group (as a participant, not yet a coach), I was completely taken by surprise by the power of a group of strangers whom I'd never met in real life, to motivate me to change my behavior! The simple prospect of having to check in each day with these new friends held me accountable and inspired me to keep going.


Purchasing a challenge pack is a requirement for participating in this program. Challenge packs come with the combo of a DVD workout program or online streaming workout service, and a month's supply of Shakeology. If you're wanting to try both, it's a great way to get a bargain—usually $50 to $90 off (or even more if you snag one of the monthly sale items) from the price you'd pay for the items separately. My coaching services are FREE with your purchase: the cost of a coach is built into the product price, because Beachbody knows people are more likely to use the program when they work with a coach... and the programs only work if people use them!


My next monthly fitness challenge starts on Monday, January 4! It just might be right for you if...


  • You're in a rut with your current fitness routine

  • You're tired of starting new workout plans only to lose steam and give up after a couple of weeks

  • You've got a good routine that's working for you, but you want to mix it up and try something new and different

  • You can't afford a gym membership, can't make it to the gym due to lack of child care, or just simply prefer working out at home on your own schedule

  • You're tired of having no energy and feeling sluggish, and you're ready to commit, dig in, and do what it takes to feel your best in your body

  • You feel you could benefit from the support and guidance of a coach and fellow group members

  • You have a significant amount of weight to lose and you're interested in working with a coach over a sustained period of time

  • You're tired of the competitive and self-critical nature of many of the fitness programs out there

  • You're ready to be part of something body-positive, uplifting, and fun!


So, how do you join? Fill out the form at left and I'll be in touch to talk with you more about it. I want to make sure that you and I both feel this is a good fit for you!


Thanks for stopping by... and see below for comments from people who've been part of my programs in the past!



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