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Discover a better you!

Have you tried high-impact forms of exercise but feel that they're too rough on your body?


Perhaps you're at your highest weight ever and desperate to do something about it.


Or maybe you're tired of seeing perfect bodies onscreen, and you'd rather see people who look like you—real people still on their journey to get healthy and fit.


If you've tried everything to lose weight, but nothing seems to be working... If you've started a million things and given up... If you feel that exercise just isn't enjoyable... 


I've got something you need to try! 


With the combination of fun, dance-based workouts with a simple nutrition plan and the support of a coach, this program that has the winning formula to make the difference between giving up one more time, and finally reaching your goal.

The “Discover a Better You” program will help you be the best version of yourself: energetic, confident, and healthy. The program includes:

  • DANCE WORKOUTS: 6 low-impact, dance-based workouts on DVD, set to pop hits of the ’80s and ’90s—yours to keep forever—plus one month of access to the Beachbody on Demand workout library with web streaming versions of this and 4 dozen other programs.

  • SUPERFOOD SHAKE: A one-month supply of Shakeology, which can serve as a multivitamin and also contains probiotics, phytonutrients, antioxidants, and adaptogens (medicinal herbs) to help you power through cravings, beat stress naturally, and boost energy, digestion, and immune function.

  • THE SUPPORT OF A COACH: 24/7 access to me via Messenger, email, or text, for questions or concerns you would rather not share in the group. (Please allow 24 hours for a response.)

  • NUTRITION PLAN: A simple eating plan that doesn't require changing your entire diet all at once. You'll be supported in making one small, attainable change at a time, with a goal of gradual change that's sustainable for a lifetime.

  • VIRTUAL SUPPORT GROUP: You'll have access to an online group of participants doing the program alongside you. There, you'll be able to share successes and struggles, help each other troubleshoot, and give and receive digital high fives.

  • EXTRA BONUSES: By working with me as your coach, you get all kinds of thank you gifts designed to increase your chances of success: for example, a journal designed to help you understand your patterns of emotional eating and nip them in the bud; a stress-busting stretching sequence; and cookbooks of crockpot recipes and scrumptious salads so you'll have plenty of healthy recipes for winter and summer alike.

Enroll now or check out purchase options

Want more info? Check out the video below or shoot me an email (address in footer) with any questions you may have!!

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