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Become the strongest version of you.


Do you ever get so caught up in comparing yourself to others and competing with them that you lose sight of what goals you actually want for YOU?

One of my favorite things about intense workouts is that they've taught me to focus in on what I want and tune out the noise. When I'm focused on my own goals and beating my own personal record, I don't care if somebody else can do twice as many push-ups as I can or if somebody else has a smaller waist than I do.

Core de Force is unlike any other program I've done. With Insanity, the intensity comes from doing the moves at a fast speed. With P90X, the intensity comes from doing a lot of reps. With Hammer & Chisel, it comes from using heavy weights. But with Core de Force, the moves are relatively slow and don't seem that intense at first, until you realize that the small form cues the trainers are giving make all the difference.

Because of this, Core de Force requires intense concentration on the nuances of each move. This intense focus narrows your field of reference. There's no room for thoughts of the to-do list, of that social interaction that rubbed you the wrong way, or the million and one other things that flit through your mind in a regular 30-minute period (or is that just me)? And there's definitely no mental space for comparing yourself to others. Hence, the name of this program... it's you vs. you.

Of course, there are the typical benefits of an intense workout program: toned legs, shoulders, arms, and abs, and weight loss if you have weight to lose (especially if you're following the nutrition plan too). But in my opinion, the mindset effect is really what makes this program a game-changer.

The You vs. You Challenge Group starts Monday, December 5. In it, you'll get instruction, guidance, and encouragement not just from me but from a total of five coaches on our team! Will you join us? Fill out the form at left to express interest!

Read my review to learn more about these workouts. You can also check out the video below or read more in Joel and Jericho's own words about the program and how and why they created it!

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