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What is Emerald rank, anyway?


Emerald rank is the first milestone in a Beachbody business. You've heard me say that if you haven't yet reached Emerald rank, you're leaving money on the table in the form of free customers referred to you by Beachbody. I recommend that coaches achieve Emerald rank within 30 days of joining. Otherwise it's like not contributing the minimum to your 401(k) to get the employer match—you're declining income that would come to you without having to put in any additional time or effort.


There are a few simple requirements to qualify for Emerald rank. First, you must have two active coaches on your team—one on each leg. You can choose which leg coaches underneath you are assigned to by going to your coach online office and selecting My Business > Preferred Placement. If you mess up, you have 72 hours after the coach joins to call coach relations and get them switched. An active coach is defined as one that has 50 PV every five weeks. The easiest way to make sure this happens consistently is for the coach to be on Shakeology home direct with monthly autoship (this is worth 90 PV). If they aren't, other products purchased also count towards PV, and products sold also count for PV—so if money is really tight for them, they don't have to be on Shakeology themselves as long as they have at least one Shakeology customer or are otherwise selling 50+ PV worth of products each month.


Almost all of us start out with close friends and family. My first two coaches on my team were my husband and my dad. With them, I got to Emerald and I could expand my team from there. Think of the people who would do just about anything for you—and the people in your life who could really benefit from being on Shakeology. No need to mount a sales pitch; just have an honest conversation with them about why you love Shakeology (or a different Beachbody product if you think there's a different one that would be a better fit for them). Explain the discount they'll receive as a coach. More than likely, they'll see the benefit of signing up—or if you talk to several people, you'll find at least two who do.


The other requirement for Emerald status is that you have 50 PV every 5 weeks yourself. The volume from your personally sponsored coaches does not count for this (their volume of products bought and sold is considered team volume, not personal volume, when calculating your own volume). So,  you'll need your own Shakeology HD subscription, or purchase of 50 PV worth of other products per month—but you can also fulfill this requirement by selling 50 PV worth of products (about $75 retail) each month. It's a fairly low bar that's not hard to meet if you're talking to a few people about our products each month.


Once you achieve Emerald status and hit Success Club 5 (sale of three challenge packs or five Shakeology HD subscriptions, or a combination thereof, in a month), the company will start sending free customer leads your way, because they see that you're serious about the business and they know you'll make sure these new clients have a great experience. These are people who have previously bought a Beachbody product or gone to the website to request a free coach—so they already believe in what we are doing! These are the kind of people who end up being loyal customers or even becoming coaches, so believe me—you WANT to be getting these leads instead of passing them up every month!


Feeling doubtful about whether you can become Emerald within 30 days? Shoot me an email; I'm here to help and we can do it together. I'll give you a plan and I promise—you'll get to Emerald and beyond if you follow the steps I give you. As a member of this team, you have access to all of the training resources I've developed for coaches, and access to my client programs such as challenge groups. Please don't feel like you have to do this all by yourself. We're in this together! I never want to pressure you, but as soon as you tell me you're ready, I will help you get to any goal your heart desires!


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