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You deserve VIP treatment.


Living Vibrantly VIPs get first access to everything I offer, as well as a tight knit community in our team group. We support one another in maintaining a focus on healthy living through life's ups and downs, and we look forward to welcoming you with open arms!

As a VIP (preferred customer) you will enjoy:

  • 25% discount all Beachbody supplements and products, including Shakeology, the Performance line, Daily Sunshine, Beachbars, vitamins, cleanse kits, workout videos, equipment and apparel, and more

  • access to one-on-one health coaching with me (you can find the link to book a session in the preferred customer newsletter you receive each month)

  • participation in the monthly programs I offer (there are usually 2 or 3 virtual programs each month designed to help you learn more about fitness and nutrition, reach new goals, and keep the journey fun and interesting... you can also find these options in the preferred customer newsletter each month)

  • free samples of new Beachbody products that are released (my preferred customers always receive a sample whenever something new comes out)

  • The opportunity to join our team on twice-yearly retreats and self-care weekends (working coaches have a chance to earn the trip, but you are always welcome to join us and pay your own way)

  • other bonuses and special gifts (a few recent examples I've created for my preferred customers include a daily stretching sequence with photos and instructions; a video series on the basics of foam rolling; an audio series on my best tips for getting back up after a setback in life; cookbooks I created of healthy crockpot recipes, clean cocktails, and the Scrumptious Salads cookbook; and special bonuses including my best tips for a sound night's sleep and my tips for beating the winter blues).

In short, I am always looking for how I can provide more value to my preferred customers! I pay close attention to what the group is struggling with, and often create content just for them, to help them overcome the obstacles they are facing.

The monthly fee to be a preferred customer is $15.95. I think that is a pretty sweet deal for all that you receive, especially considering that you can easily save more than that amount each month with your 25% product discount!

To become a Living Vibrantly VIP, go to and select the "coach" tab. You will need my coach ID (318938) and my name (Elizabeth Gudrais) for your enrollment to be successfully linked to our team. However, I do recommend that we have a quick chat before you sign up since you aren't eligible for discounted starter kit after joining. Email me at the address below so we can get you hooked up with the best deal on the products you'd like to try!

(And yes, technically as a preferred customer, you are setting up a coach account. You will be a coach in name only, and are completely free to enjoy the discount and the VIP benefits without an expectation that you'll work the business—although if building a business as a coach does interest you, you can learn more about that here.)

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