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Time to dig deeper.


If you're a die-hard fan of the man who once was a backup dancer for Mariah Carey, but can also bring you to your knees with an Insanity workout... Or if you've never worked out with Shaun T before but want to give it a try... You won't want to miss this program!!

This is a 60-day program starting on June 6. Enroll by May 31.

When you join, you will receive a hybrid calendar showing you which workout to complete each day, customized to you. It will include sessions from:

  • T25, the approachable yet challenging program that takes just 25 minutes a day

  • Insanity Max:30, the toughest workout you can imagine in only 30 minutes

  • Cize, the low-impact, dance-based fitness program that keeps things light and fun with routines set to pop music (workouts 30-45 minutes a day)

T25 uses weights for some sessions. Max:30 and Cize use just your body weight!

If you are new to exercise or have physical limitations, or just prefer to keep things low-impact and/or less intense, you'll receive a workout calendar customized for you and your situation (made by me just for you).

This program is perfect for someone who owns at least one of the three programs already. I'll help you find the right option for you to get access to the other two at a great price. And if you don't own any of them yet, don't worry... I'll go over the options for you and you can choose whether you want to purchase access to all three, or pick one to focus on and take advantage of free sample sessions for the others.

When you join, you'll also receive:

  • a month's supply of your choice of formula of a protein-packed superfood/vitamin/probiotic shake to nourish your body and stave off cravings

  • membership in our private online group where you will learn more about nutrition, exercise (including form tips), and a healthy lifestyle, and receive support and motivation to keep you on track with the program, from me and others doing the workouts along with you

  • either one month or three months digital streaming access to your workouts, depending on which package you choose, with the option to renew when your trial period ends 

  • a free shirt when you complete the program

  • 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied for any reason!

Let's have some fun with Shaun T in June and July!! Click "interested" to get all the details. This is a one-time offering that most likely will not be offered again in this format!

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