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Let's immerse ourselves in self-care.

In today's go-go-go world, finding time for self-care is really tough! I get it. That's why we're going to take 21 days and really prioritize it.


Exercise... healthy eating... sleep... hydration... and whatever other healthy habits you would like to work on. It's all up to you! I'll set the tone with some info about the basics of self-care. it will be up to you to find one NEW way to pamper yourself each day. It can be big or small and it's however YOU define self-care... As long as you're posting at least one act of self-care daily!


Let's get creative and inspire each other with new and different ways to indulge and replenish our energy reserves. You'll be part of a private online group whose members are all dedicated to lavishing love and care on ourselves during the month of July!


Feeling worn out?? Carve out some time and attention for YOU in July! Fill out the form at left or email me at the address below to reserve your spot or get your questions answered!

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