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Let's power up and wind down...together!


So you've heard that yoga can make you more flexible and help erase those aches and pains of aging. You've heard that it can make you a calmer, less anxious person. It's all true... I've experienced all of these benefits firsthand, and that's part of why I went through a two-year yoga teacher training program and became an instructor.

I run into so many people who say they want to try yoga but don't know where to start, or are embarrassed to go to a class. And I'll be honest... as much as I love virtual coaching, I miss teaching yoga!

So in July, I'm offering a group called Power Up and Wind Down. You'll get a workout program of your choice on video (either DVD or streaming), to be done whatever time of day you prefer. In the morning to "power you up" is a good option. then each evening, you'll get a video from yours truly, of me demonstrating and instructing a yoga pose, with instructions suitable for beginners, but with enough information to make it interesting for continuing students. You can focus on one pose each day, or do the videos in sequence for a longer practice. And they're only available in our private group for this program—nowhere else!


You'll also receive the home workout program of your choice to help you get stronger, build endurance, or whatever your personal goal is, plus attention to nutrition and all-around healthy living, and group accountability and support! This program begins July 6, 2015, and continues for four weeks. Enroll by June 29! It's an online group so you can participate from anywhere.

Ready to sign up? Use the form at left to schedule a free fitness challenge consultation. I'll be in touch to talk more and make sure this program is a good fit for you. I'm excited to chat!


Not quite ready for a phone consultation? My email is at the bottom of the page. I'd love to talk more with you and answer any questions!

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