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It's time to

take care of you.

Perhaps you successfully got the kids back to school. Maybe you spent the summer blissfully overindulging.

Whether one or both of these are true, there's no time like the present to recommit to self-care and a healthy lifestyle.

How about some group support to see you through 21 days of focusing in on clean eating and daily exercise?

We'll also look at getting adequate sleep, hydration, and overall self-care. Life should be lived in a way that feels supportive and nurturing, not like you are rushing from one thing to the next without ever getting a break!

If it feels like you can't stop long enough to even contemplate this... that is a very good indicator that you need to stop. Client after client of mine has realized that the more we put ourselves first, the more we bring our best selves to our work and our relationships.


Those around you will appreciate the renewed focus you bring. You may need to rearrange your daily routine a bit to accommodate these new habits, but that's what I'm here for! A coach helps you see the places in your life where you can make room for these new habits, and the support group helps you stay accountable. It's a lot harder to quit when you know people are expecting you to show up and they will notice if you don't!

So what do you say? Will you do this for yourself this month? Will you dedicate 21 days, starting Sept. 19, to your own self-care?


In our online group you'll receive a workout schedule, meal plans and shopping lists, healthy recipes, and all sorts of other resources and goodies to support you in the changes you are making. You will have access to workouts on video that you can do from home in just 30 minutes a day. You will receive a month's supply of Shakeology, a superfood shake containing protein, probiotics, adaptogens, super-greens, antioxidants, and more, to help with digestion, energy, immune function, and overall vitality. In our online support group—the most important part!—you will receive tons of support, cheerleading, and LOVE to lift your spirits as you embark on and continue this journey. This is also where we'll dive into educational content about nutrition and exercise; through understanding the principles behind what you're practicing, you set yourself up to continue a healthy lifestyle even after the program ends.

Sold? The first step is to fill out the form at left! This is also the first step if you have questions, or just want to chat more.

There will be an optional 3 day detox that takes clean eating up another notch. It is a food-based cleanse with vegan vitamin shakes as a protein source. Other than the shakes, you eat normal food—just very clean normal food. The food lists include fruits, veggies, and healthy fats, all with potent anti-inflammatory powers. In short, by showing your system just how amazing you can feel when eating super clean, the idea is that you will start to crave that feeling—and that the health food craving might win out the next time you find yourself battling a pizza craving. Read my review of my experience with this program.

Enroll by Sept. 12, or by Sept. 9 if you are choosing the detox option! Questions? Email me below, or fill out the form at left!

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