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Optimize your body's performance


In my monthly challenge groups, we focus quite a bit on nutrition, and one topic we address is always pre-workout and post-workout nutrition.


Have you ever had the experience of pooping out and not being able to finish a workout because you were too hungry or just ran out of energy? Or maybe you've had an awesome workout... but then you feel kind of BLAH the rest of the day because it feels like your body isn't clearing out whatever ick was generated during your exercise? Or what about waking up with muscles so sore you can barely walk?


Beachbody has developed a supplement line to address ALL of these problems, and it's debuting this summer! July 20, to be precise.


The Beachbody Performance system will include four different supplements:


  • Energize (pre-workout)

  • Hydrate (to drink during the workout to maximize fluid absorption and replace electolytes lost during exercise)

  • Recovery (post-workout)

  • Recharge (overnight formula for muscle repair)


The project lead for developing the Performance system was Nima Alamdari, director of scientific affairs at Beachbody, who holds a Ph.D. in physiology and muscle metabolism from the University of Nottingham in England, and who was a postdoctoral fellow and then a faculty instructor at Harvard Medical School. His area of resarch specialization was the molecular basis for building muscle mass and how it relates to muscle function.


He predicts that people using the Performance system will experience the following effects:


  • improved exercise performance

  • reduced lactic acid buildup

  • sharpened focus and reaction time

  • improved fluid absorption during exercise

  •  replacement of electrolytes lost during exercise

  • post-workout nutrition to satisfy hunger and promote increased muscle mass

  • reduced muscle soreness

  • protein formula optimized to reduce muscle breakdown and promote growth of new muscle overnight


My husband is definitely going to be trying this as soon as it comes out! I'll need to take it to my kidney doctor just to make sure it's something that's safe for me to use, but I'd be quite eager to use it myself as long as he gives the OK!


Either way, I'll be leading a special launch group with the Performance system starting Monday, August 3. Participants will use the Performance supplement system along with their workout program of choice. Fill out the form at left to get in touch and let me know if you want to be among the first to try out this hot new supplement line! It will be available only through a Team Beachbody coach (such as myself) at first! And enter your email here to get notices about the Performance system straight from Beachbody.


Bookmark this page and check back, as I'll be updating it as more information becomes available. For now, check out this video for more details!

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