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Three legendary trainers.


One unified fitness program to serve your needs for cardio, strength training, flexibility, and fun!


P90X3 is the latest in the P90X series from Tony Horton. Fast, effective workouts that take just 30 minutes a day! Check out the official promo video below to see a sample of some of the moves!


PiYo focuses on flexibility and strength through movements that are similar to flow yoga. It's taught by Chalene Johnson.


Cize is a dance-based fitness program with choreography set to popular songs, broken down for you step by step by Shaun T.


You'll receive all three of them on video (there are DVD and streaming options, depending on which you prefer), plus a month's supply of the Shakeology vitamin/mineral/protein/probiotic shake to nourish your body, help it build muscle, help your immune system and digestion function better!


You'll also receive a three-month calendar telling you which session to complete each day. This is the same program I personally will be doing... Meaning you'll have the utmost support and someone to answer all of your questions as we go along! This will take place in our private group on Facebook with a supportive group of participants following the same program as you. We start on May 9. Enroll by April 30!

P90X3 workouts are 30 minutes a day. PiYo and Cize can be up to 45-50, but you can switch around the days for these to the days when you have time for a longer workout.

This hybrid program will help you challenge yourself and rediscover the joy of movement! To find more details or reserve your spot, check out the Facebook event for this program. Or, you can fill out the form at left or email me (address at bottom of page) to receive more details. This is a one-time offering that most likely will not be offered again in this format!

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