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You are what you eat.


It's really true on a cellular level—the food and drinks we consume become blood, bone, and all the other tissues and fluids of our bodies. Yet as a society, we've gotten so far away from understanding that what we eat has consequences—either beneficial or harmful.

Yes, our bodies have built-in detox mechanisms to help us bounce back from eating and drinking things that aren't so good for us. But just because we don't die, doesn't mean we are in vibrant good health. So yes, we can challenge and make good use of those detox mechanisms to rid our bodies of the harmful stuff we take in—but how much better would it be if we could stop placing so much strain on our bodies all the time?

There are foods we can eat that are gentle on our bodies, that support good health and actually do our bodies good rather than harming them or requiring them to mount a detox effort. Apart from exercising, choosing what you eat is the most important decision you'll ever make for your health—and we make this decision over and over again on a daily basis.

I'm not asking you to be perfect. But if you are ready to make healthier choices on the regular—and to equip yourself with the knowledge and understanding needed to make those choices—then please join us for the next round of Nutrition Focus!

Each month, the program kicks off with a week of assessing our current situation (including keeping a food diary), meal planning, and goal setting. Then you'll work on implementing those goals with the support of the group for three weeks! Next rounds start Jan. 2 and Jan. 30.

This program is not free—there is an initial investment in your kit—but it's a pretty sweet deal! You not only receive access to Nutrition Focus, which you can repeat as many times as you want—you also receive one month's supply of Shakeology AND a video workout program tailored to you, plus support and guidance from me as your coach, along with your fellow group members.

If you are ready to invest in your health and set yourself up for success, I'm here to support you every step of the way! My clients receive TONS of love in the form of tutorials, meal plans, recipes, free cookbooks, and much more. Your kit for this program gains you admission to this exclusive club, which you can call on for support throughout your journey, however long it continues!

If you are ready to dig into nutrition—to figure out why you don't feel your best and what changes you can make to address this—then I hope you'll join us. Fill out the form at left or email me (address in footer) to get started! Prices vary depending on the kit you choose. I'll make a recommendation for you once I learn a bit more about your needs!

I can't wait to hear from you!!


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