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Time to turbocharge your business!


Perhaps you've been coaching for awhile but have yet to see this turn into an income that can support you full-time. Perhaps you're a discount coach (preferred customer) but you've been toying with the idea of working actively as a coach. Starting April 1, 2015, we have a training that is perfect for anyone who wants to take her business to the next level!


We'll have weekly training calls Mondays at 9pm Eastern and daily assignments on the group training page. Yes, it will take some time... but what in life doesn't require an investment of time and effort if you want to see results?


I would love to see several of us from this team be active members of this group. The coaches leading this training know how build a successful coaching business because they have successfully done so themselves. This is a rare opportunity to be directly mentored by these four busy women who are being kind enough to share their wisdom with us! I will be in the group as well, supporting you and helping you along as I work on my own goals for my business.


FYI, everyone starts out as an active coach, so if you've never advanced, your goal would be Emerald, which is defined as having two coaches signed up underneath you, one on each leg. (Don't worry about the technicalities. We will go over all of these details in the group to make sure you understand and get it right!) Achieving Emerald is as simple as finding two friends who also want a discount on Shakeology. They don't have to necessarily be interested in the coaching side of things. The awesome part is that once you make Emerald, Beachbody sees that you're actively working your business, and if you meet a couple of other requirements, you'll start getting free customers referred to you by the company! (This is the Cliff's Notes version so I don't end up writing a novel. Want more detail? Just ask.)


From Emerald rank, the next steps are Ruby and Diamond, which connote 4 coaches and 8 coaches on your team, respectively. (Again, I'm simplifying, because there are other requirements—but the size of your team is the main one.) When you hit these numbers, the company sees that you are interested in leading a team, and you start to earn more with a matching bonus for leadership. This compensates you for the time you are expected to spend mentoring the coaches on your team, answering questions from your coaches, etc.


So at each stage, your compensation rises, based on your active involvement working with customers and leading a team of coaches. But beyond that, by participating in this six-week training, you have the opportunity to win a share of the prize pot if you hit your rank goal during the training period! Buy-in for an Emerald coach is $20 and all others who haven't yet reached Emerald pay $10. The pot will be split between all members of the group who hit their goal by the deadline.


Interested? Email me asap and I'll send you the sign-up info!

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