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Get ready for a frighteningly fun fitness program.


In the month of October, we will be focusing on the four pillars of healthy living... fitness, nutrition, sleep, and hydration... as usual, but with a lighthearted spin for the spookiest month of the year!


Best of all... we will help you stay strong and summon the MONSTROUS willpower required to get through this month without giving in to a sugar addiction!


With daily and weekly mini-challenges for the chance to win  PRIZES... an added incentive in case getting in better shape, improving your health, and feeling more energetic is not incentive enough!


Program starts on October 5 and runs for four weeks, finishing up on Halloween weekend! Enroll by September 28.


My coaching for this program is free with the purchase of any challenge pack. You get the fitness program of your choice (via DVD or online streaming) and a month's supply of Shakeology protein/vitamin/superfood shake. In the online support group, you'll get daily inspiration and digital high fives, as well as informative posts about nutrition and exercise. Get ready to learn a ton and feel your absolute best by the end of our month together! This program is also free for you if you are a preferred customer with me as your coach.


Got questions? Ready to sign up? Fill out the form at left or email me at the address below!

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