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Strengthen your relationship...

and your biceps.


People are more likely to stick to a fitness routine if they have a workout buddy. That's why I use online groups for support and accountability in my coaching. And that's why you might consider working with a coach in the first place!


In this program, we'll double up on accountability. The "Getting Fit Together" program is designed specifically for couples who want to support and encourage one another and do their workouts together. I'll help connect you with a workout program that you'll both enjoy based on your preferences.


Enroll by January 31. We start on February 7! To enroll, simply purchase any challenge pack. The price of the program is built right into the cost! You get the fitness program of your choice and a month supply of Shakeology protein/vitamin/superfood shake, along with the 30-day online support group. With this program, you're technically getting 2 for the price of 1! Normally I require each person in the group to purchase a challenge pack, but for this month only, each couple will be allowed to share one challenge pack and participate together. In terms of how you allocate a single supply of Shakeology, you'll just have to armwrestle... extra incentive to crush your workouts!


Got questions? Fill out the form at left or email me at the address below!

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