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A new kind of fitness program


NEW CHALLENGE GROUP FORMING FOR MARCH 2016!! Read below to learn about the program and then fill out the form at left to get more info and reserve a spot!


If you follow me, you KNOW I believe that if exercise isn't fun, it's not worth doing.


I've enjoyed the dance-inspired flavor that Shaun T brings to T25 and yes, even Insanity. But his new program will be something completely different.


He's developed a program that's being released in July 2015 that promises to be sheer fun—it's pure dance—AND a kick-butt workout!


He breaks the choreography down so to make it approachable, and he says this program is TRULY suitable for everyone.


I'll be running a Cize Launch Group starting Monday, August 3. Fill out the form at left to get in touch and let me know if you want to be among the first to try out this program! And enter your email here to get notices straight from Beachbody of when the program will become available.


Right now, we know this is a 4-week program with sessions of 35 to 40 minutes each. Bookmark this page, as I'll update it with more information about Cize as it becomes available. For now, check it out in the video below! And read more in Shaun T's words about how he created the program so that the music comes first.

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