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Small changes make a big difference.

Do you feel that you're drifting through life and just taking it as it comes, or do you have plans and goals that you're working toward?


Don't get me wrong—I believe it's important to learn to go with the flow. We can't control the menu of options life serves us. But at the same time, setting intentions and operating with a sense of direction is an essential way to take charge and design a life that fulfills our deepest dreams and desires, instead of just sitting back and letting life happen to you.


In my free accountability group, we practice this process by setting a small, attainable goal and sticking with it for 30 days to form a new healthy habit. This is all about health, broadly defined. Thus, your goal might be related to fitness (daily exercise; increasing the # of push-ups you can do) or nutrition (cutting out sugar; eating 3 square meals without snacking in between). But it could be less obviously/directly related as well. Past participants have practiced the habits of daily journal writing and of relating to family members more compassionately, just to give a couple of examples! It's all about how YOU define health and wellness, and the changes you feel would most benefit you.


This is an online group that takes place in the form of a private Facebook group. Members check in daily and offer each other support. As the coach, I offer guidance and also lead members through a structured process that helps them go deeper with their goal, for a higher probability that this new habit will last beyond the 30 days. 


I generally offer this group every other month, and it does tend to fill up! It's something I offer free... how else would you know if you'll like working with me as a coach? But I do only allow people to participate once.


This program just might be for you if:


  • You're interested in working with me as a coach but not quite ready to commit to one of my paid programs

  • You're ready to commit to improving your health but don't feel that (or aren't sure if) a Beachbody workout and Shakeology are right for you

  • You're interested in forming a new healthy habit with the help of a supportive community

  • You are curious about the process of setting goals for self-improvement, and are ready to jump in and experience it for yourself!


There are no sessions of this program currently scheduled, since I've had some health issues and am just rebuilding my coaching business as I recover from that. But if you're interested, fill out the form at left and I'll make sure you're notified when this program is next offered!

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